Those hypersensitive Brits are at it again. After making a mockery of themselves by attempting to ban GOP front-runner Donald Trump from the UK , the Queen’s loyal subjects are now caterwauling about the racist Washington Redskins. In the opening shot of what will be yet another front in the US political correctness crusade that’s guaranteed to spill over into the Democrats’ fall campaigns, a couple of MP’s have sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wailing about the team’s derogatory nickname. The Redskins will be a participant in one of the league’s annual exhibitions across the pond when they play the thug infestedCincinnati Bengals.

As CBS Sports is reporting “Parliament members to NFL: Change Redskins name or forget London”:

With the Washington Redskins set to play a game in London in 2016, the national controversy involving the team’s name is now turning into an international controversy.

Five days before the Super Bowl, the NFL received a letter from two members of British Parliament in regards to the Redskins name.

In the Feb. 2 letter, which was obtained by ESPN, parliament members Ruth Smeeth and Ian Austin asked the league to have Washington change its name or “at the minimum, send a different team to our country to represent the sport, one that does not promote a racial slur.”

The Redskins are scheduled to play the Bengals on Oct. 30 at Wembley Stadium.


Smeeth also explained that the game could be an issue for the BBC, the publicly funded company that’s scheduled to broadcast the game.

“Given it’s taxpayer-funded, if we believe it’s a racial slur, then that means problems for the BBC in terms of coverage of the event,” Smeeth told ESPN. “There is going to come a pressure point. The last thing the NFL wants — after putting so much behind its brand in the UK — is a good number of us to begin putting pressure on the BBC in terms of what they’re showing and how they’re showing it. This is not the image the NFL wants portrayed in the UK.”

If Goodell had any balls he would just call their bluff and pull all of the league’s games out of jolly old England forever.  It’s all just about merchandising anyway – at least on the US end of things – and there would probably be many other eager hosts in old Europe. Besides, the sissy Brits are more into faggy non-contact sports like soccer and (GAG) cricket so other than the money and media attention that that the games will bring in the common folk will hardly miss them.

You can already see the wheels turning over this one at the DNC, with the game with the Redskins and Bengals scheduled only days before the election they are going to milk this for all that it’s worth.