Now that the media has successfully sold the narrative that Donald Trump supporters are an army of violent thugs who are planning to wreak mayhem at this summer’s brokered RNC convention, the city of Cleveland is making preparations to put down any trouble should it occur. It is inevitable that Trump is going to be screwed out of the nomination – this much is already being openly admitted by insiders – but as the establishment reasserts control it will be protected by a militarized police presence as well as various alphabet soup federal agencies. Governor John Kasich will also be quick to mobilize the Ohio National Guard if needed.

McClatchy News is reporting on the coming state of siege in the story “GOP convention security gears up amid fears of threats”:

Organizers for the Republican National Convention are preparing security for the gathering in Cleveland in July amid an unusually combustible environment, in which the threat of terrorist attacks is now joined by the unpredictable behavior of foes and supporters of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s terrorist bombings in Brussels, officials representing law enforcement, the Republican National Committee and the city of Cleveland say they will be prepared for whatever comes their way when an estimated 50,000 people converge on the Lake Erie city for the July 18-21 convention.

“Our goal is to develop and implement, with numerous participating agencies, a seamless security plan that will create a safe and secure environment for our protectees, other dignitaries, event participants and the general public,” said Kevin Dye, a spokesman for the Secret Service.

Still, some security experts say recent events suggest challenges.

“I would be concerned in Cleveland,” said former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe, who oversaw security during the 2012 Democratic convention in the Queen City. “Cleveland has a lot of elements that would keep me up at night.”

But Monroe, who has spoken with Cleveland convention organizers, said potential nightmares could be alleviated with some well-coordinated planning.

An alphabet soup of agencies – from the Secret Service to the Department of Homeland Security to the military – have been working for months with state and local agencies in developing plans to deal with large numbers of protesters, potential domestic and international terrorist threats, and other concerns.

On Monday, the day before the Brussels attack, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus predicted that there will be no problems with safety in Cleveland.

“We prepare for all contingencies. We will have over $50 million in security at the convention,” Priebus said on “CBS This Morning.” “We’ll be prepared; it’ll be fine. And I guarantee you’ll have a good time and it will be a fun convention in Cleveland.”

Despite a sizable lead in delegates won in primary election contests, Trump could fall short of the majority needed to win on the first ballot, forcing a contest inside the convention. He suggested last week that there might be chaos if he doesn’t leave Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena, the site of the convention, as the Republican presidential nominee.

“There could very well be riots,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Leave it to CNN’s millionaire McNews personality Blitzer to continue to provide an unchallenged forum for the lies needed to condone the cracking of skulls. More fuel for the fire is the news that a petition is being circulated to allow for open carry at the convention, this will further serve to reinforce the meme of Trump and his supporters having violent intent. The Brussels terror attacks also will be good for the RNC being able to tap into millions of taxpayer dollars to show Trump supporters who is really in charge of this country. As per the Rahm Emanuel maxim: never let a good crisis go to waste. It will be as close to a full blown live action rehearsal for martial law as Boston was in the aftermath of the marathon bombing when black clad paramilitary forces conducted warrantless house to house searches on a cowed populace.

Nothing quite says Democracy American style like the brute force of the state making damned sure that their approved slate of candidates is on the ballot for the big election. And some people are calling Trump fascist?