As the Republican Party establishment prepares to celebrate a resounding beat down of it’s own front-runner in today’s big Wisconsin primary the war on Trump is approaching the endgame. It has been a week of incessant negative coverage of the billionaire iconoclast all topped off with Fox News femme fatale Megyn Kelly claiming that her nasty spat with Trump has made her the target of death threats. While an outlier poll shows the Donald actually leading in the Badger State you can pretty much bet the farm that the cheesehead mafia has made all the arrangements for Trump to sleep with the fishes. A loss will then be used in the two weeks before the New York primary to further whittle the candidate down. Fox and Kelly have big rolls to play in setting up the screwing of Trump but should be wary of a massive counter strike according to a new report.

In an extensive article published by New York Magazine entitled “Operation Trump: Inside the most unorthodox campaign in political history” the author writes:

It was also thanks to some information he had gathered that Trump was able to do something that no other Republican has done before: take on Fox News. An odd bit of coincidence had given him a card to play against Fox founder Roger Ailes. In 2014, I published a biography of Ailes, which upset the famously paranoid executive. Several months before it landed in stores, Ailes fired his longtime PR adviser Brian Lewis, accusing him of being a source. During Lewis’s severance negotiations, Lewis hired Judd Burstein, a powerhouse litigator, and claimed he had “bombs” that would destroy Ailes and Fox News. That’s when Trump got involved.

“When Roger was having problems, he didn’t call 97 people, he called me,” Trump said. Burstein, it turned out, had worked for Trump briefly in the ’90s, and Ailes asked Trump to mediate. Trump ran the negotiations out of his office at Trump Tower. “Roger had lawyers, very expensive lawyers, and they couldn’t do anything. I solved the problem.” Fox paid Lewis millions to go away quietly, and Trump, I’m told, learned everything Lewis had planned to leak. If Ailes ever truly went to war against Trump, Trump would have the arsenal to launch a retaliatory strike.

The piece by Gabriel Sherman is lengthy and can be read in it’s entirety here.

There are numerous other interesting tidbits in the piece including that Trump has taken to wearing a bullet proof vest during speeches – a damn wise move – as well as insight on his media piñata campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and other observations. Unlike the garbage that is regularly cranked out like so much toxic swill at the New York Times and Washington Post it is a fair and balanced piece. As for whether Trump actually has to use his “bombs” against Ailes and Fox remains to be seen but the inability of Kelly to shelve her enormous ego and post-Fox ambitions continues to make for a volatile situation as the GOP careens towards Cleveland and the brokered convention.