Donald Trump’s beleagured campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will not be prosecuted in a politically motivated misdemeanor battery case after all. It was announced that Palm Beach County Democrat David Aronberg – a Hillary Clinton backer up for reelection – would not escalate over the bogus complaint brought by former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. The news that Lewandowski had been charged generated a media feeding frenzy when it was conveniently released just prior to the key establishment firewall against Trump that was the Wisconsin primary. There will of course be no apologies for trashing him because the charges served the purpose by putting the billionaire on the defensive and further cementing the Trump is a sexist woman hater meme. Now the damned liberal New York Times is trashing Mr. Lewandowski for effectively terrorizing a small town’s political leadership.

In the Times piece which is entitled “Before Trump Campaign, Corey Lewandowski Rode Herd on a Town’s Leaders” it is reported that:

To Ross McLeod, a prosecutor and selectman in the town of Windham, N.H., it was a harmless hobby: running a small fantasy football league with a handful of friends and a pot of around $200 a year.

But when a local activist named Corey Lewandowski discovered Mr. McLeod sometimes did this during work hours, using his office email, he took the ball and ran with it.

“Mr. McLeod is using county resources to engage in some type of gambling ring,” he wrote to Mr. McLeod’s boss at the prosecutor’s office. “We are prepared to call for his immediate termination and prosecution for this illegal activity.”

He also called the New Hampshire attorney general’s office, noting that Mr. McLeod’s emails, which he had obtained through a public records request, also included talk of local politics, another potential no-no. It blossomed into Windham’s version of an email scandal, becoming an issue in Mr. McLeod’s re-election campaign, costing him his job as a prosecutor and making him the subject of an eight-month criminal investigation.


He scolded elected officials who he believed had lost their way, once reading some of their tax bills aloud as he criticized the costs of a 2012 campaign visit by President Obama. He used open records laws to unearth the emails of Mr. McLeod, a Democrat. He conducted his own audit of Windham’s finances going back five years.


“He seemed to get the people fired up to get involved,” said Bruce Breton, a friend and Republican selectman in Windham.

But his style was also jarring to some in Windham, where town meetings tended to be genteel. Local ballots do not include party affiliations, and the most debated issues over the last several years included building a new $50 million high school and which roads should be plowed at the town’s expense.

“Most of us just don’t really bring things forward in such a partisan manner,” said Kathleen DiFruscia, a Democrat and a former selectman, adding, “It’s still a small town in many ways, where we know each other.

The entire article can be read here.

It’s a yuuuge piece that obviously took a good deal of time and effort to put together and that it gets rolled out right after the Florida prosecutor wouldn’t be looking to nail his ass to the wall is highly suspicious. This is especially so with the New York primary on Tuesday and many voters outside of the Big Apple living in small towns like Windham dealing with their own ‘bullies’ who could be influenced by the piece. The best that the NYT story can do in terms of further trashing Lewandowski is that some of his fellow townspeople considered him to be a prick and that he had a lien placed against a property damaged by fire – big fucking deal. Oh, and the article also states that Lewandowski was affiliated with the Koch Brothers front-group Americans for Prosperity during his failed run for town treasurer. But it does show that the establishment now considers him to be a soft target and will continue to hammer away at him in order to damage Trump in the hope of siphoning off delegates. Lewandowski has recently seen his role as campaign manager cut back by “the boss” who has finally gotten it through his thick skull that he is facing a well-funded army of professional political character assassins and dirty tricksters and who hired a few pros of his own.

What the NYT story amounts to is yet another example of a deeply instilled liberal bias, if you can come away with nothing else from what is clearly a hit piece it should be that.