The GOP establishment war on Trump is now over save for the disgruntled dead-enders who will never accept that they just had the holy crap beaten out of them. The parade of sore losers include the entitled members of the House of Bush who watched in horror as the American people rejected their restoration. The common folks gave a resounding thumbs down to the prissy Jeb!, a spineless jellyfish of a man whose only qualification for high office was his family brand name.  Adding insult to injury, the billionaire insurgent toyed with the bespectacled eunuch much like a cat with a doomed mouse. Trump insulted his wife – Jeb! failed to stand up for her – and humiliated Bush III at every turn, even mocking him for running to his mommy for help in the primaries. So it is only fitting that his presidential campaign is being snubbed by Poppy and Dubya in a public snit.

As reported by the Guardian “Neither George HW nor George W Bush will endorse Donald Trump”:

Neither George HW nor George W Bush, the only two living former Republican presidents of the United States, will endorse Donald Trump.

In statements released to the Guardian on Wednesday evening, spokesmen for both former presidents said they would be sitting out the 2016 election. Freddy Ford, a spokesman for George W Bush, told the Guardian: “President George W Bush does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign.”

The statement by the 43rd president was echoed in one released by his father. Jim McGrath, a spokesman for George HW Bush, told the Guardian: “At age 91, President Bush is retired from politics. He naturally did a few things to help Jeb, but those were the ‘exceptions that proved the rule’.”

The decision by both former presidents is particularly personal because of the unsuccessful candidacy of Jeb Bush. The former Florida governor, who is George HW’s son and George W’s brother, was repeatedly attacked during his campaign by Trump. The presumptive nominee tarred the two-term governor as “low-energy” and mocked him as “an embarrassment to his family”.

Trump didn’t stop at just spanking Jeb!, he destroyed the myth that George W. Bush “kept us safe” by having the audacity to point out that 9/11 actually happened on his watch and that his presidency didn’t begin on September 12, 2001. While the media and party hacks engaged in their standard campaign of lies, insisting that Trump blamed Bush II for the attacks, it was no more true than the recent overflowing bucket of hog slop that Trump accused Ted Cruz’s daddy of killing JFK. Trump also pointed out that Dubya’s Iraq war was a disaster built on lies and then for good measure, took a flamethrower to Poppy’s “new world order” with his “America first” foreign policy speech. It’s hard to see how the Bush family’s pissing and moaning over getting their ass kicked is going to hurt Trump, on the contrary it only reinforces his anti-establishment status.

Let’s face it, the Trump revolution was a resounding rejection of the American ruling class of which the Bushes are a big part of thanks to their failed policies, wars and crony capitalism. They should be thankful that they live in a modern society and not one like revolution era France when the corrupt elite were marched up the steps to the guillotine.