As the GOP establishment war on presumptive nominee Donald Trump comes to a head, the 2012 dream team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue to scheme. The now fully pathetic Mitt surfaced again this week at some snobfest called the Aspen Ideas Festival to bash Trump and leave the door open for a late entry into the presidential race. But that can be expected from the egomaniacal former Massachusetts Governor whose opinion of himself has always far exceeded that of regular Americans. Time is running short to derail Trump and there will be a flurry of activity in the next two weeks with the clock ticking down.

The really crazy thing is that CNN will be featuring Beltway rock star and corporate messiah Paul Ryan in a nationally televised town hall right before the convention. Now that’s taking chutzpah to an entirely new level.

According to the self proclaimed most trusted name in news “CNN to host town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan”:

CNN is set to host a town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan in New York City on Tuesday, July 12, just days before the Republican National Convention.

Ryan will take questions from CNN’s Jake Tapper, who will moderate the one-hour event, as well as from audience members regarding the current state of the Republican Party and Ryan’s strategy for the GOP to keep the majority of the House in November.

Ryan, in his capacity as House speaker, will chair the GOP convention in Cleveland, which officially begins July 18.

It would seem that the convention chair acting in such a manner would be a yuuuge conflict of interest and the old warhorse Lou Dobbs absolutely barbecued Ryan’s mangy ass in molasses in this must see rant:

Ryan’s nationally televised infomercial shows that despite his stated reluctance that he is a scheming little weasel who stands to benefit the most if the Never Trumpers are able to pull off their longshot delegate revolt in Cleveland. According to a report in The Hill the traitorous cabal claims to be laying the legal groundwork for a “last stand”:

Republicans opposed to Donald Trump are plotting a last-ditch effort to deny him their party’s nomination at the convention in Cleveland.

A coalition of delegates, lawyers, rules experts and PACs has formed in what participants say is the most coordinated effort to date to dump Trump from the Republican ticket.
The organizers are confident of success and say they’re being underestimated.

“This is a laser-guided bomb aimed right at the foundation of the Trump campaign,” said Beau Correll, a Virginia delegate and central figure in the opposition movement.

However the RNC is looking to stomp down on the RAT’s lest the convention turn into a house of horrors with a putsch against it’s own presumptive nominee that would all but certainly result in President Hillary Clinton being sworn in come January.

Ryan should have been dumped from his position as convention chair long ago as it’s evident that he is in this thing for himself and only seeking to appease the special interests that put him into his lofty position.