If anyone has been paying attention for the last several years with the uniformity of the media in pushing a given official storyline, it’s pretty clear that our country has been hijacked by anti-American interests utilizing propaganda as a weapon. While it was always fairly subtle, the rise of Donald Trump has blown the entire charade wide open as the establishment sees it’s iron-fisted hold on power challenged. There has never been a time during my more than half a century walking this planet that I have ever seen the entire national media intervene to destroy a legitimate presidential candidate of one of our two political parties. Yet that is exactly what has happened with Trump and the rolling waves of coordinated smear campaigns that he has faced for over a year now as the media is engaged in what can be described as brainwashing. Despite the Orwellian “Two Minutes Hate” being pumped out 24/7 the billionaire outsider managed to survive in order to seize the Republican nomination.

Now that same media is mobilizing to defend Hillary Rodham-Clinton from being exposed as the war criminal and crony capitalist psychopath that she always has been. The Wikileaks data dump of thousands of emails from the political arm of her crime syndicate at the DNC has badly rattled the establishment which is now in mortal terror of losing control. The media dutifully blamed it all on one of their myriad of new Hitlers – Vladimir Putin – and the star-spangled sheep dutifully gobbled up that precious bullshit biscuit. But the fear is growing that there are even more damaging leaks forthcoming and soon. Perhaps even something from that mysterious private basement server that Mrs. Clinton has never had to explain exactly WHY it existed in the first place and what was so important that it had to be kept from official government channels while she was the sitting Secretary of State. So Team Hillary is getting out in front of any more incriminating evidence of her corruption and escalating the finger pointing at Russia.

The Hill is reporting that “Clinton camp fears more leaks are coming”:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is bracing for the possibility of more damaging emails being leaked to the public as the presidential campaign enters its home stretch.

Jennifer Palmieri, communications director for Hillary for America, said it’s possible that more emails will be released at a time designed to inflict maximum political pain on Democrats.

“The WikiLeaks leak was obviously designed to hurt our convention,” she told reporters. “I don’t think they’re done. That’s how they operate.

“We can’t know, but it’s part of the reason that we wanted people to understand our belief that the Russians are behind this,” she said. “People need to understand — when these leaks happen — what they’re designed to do.”

With Trump having rapidly closed on the insipid Mrs. Clinton in the polls, all of her efforts to muster her assemblage of identity groups unified by a shared victimhood could go up like the proverbial flaming bag of dogshit at the worst possible time. The FBI – now fully a political arm of the Obama regime – has rushed to investigate the alleged Russian connection and it’s a pretty damned good bet that some fairy tale will be foisted off on the public at some point this week in order to salvage the debacle that is the Democratic party convention. A bit of “proof” by the FBI will allow Dear Leader to swing into action with the feds in order to implement some sort of Draconian national cybersecurity crisis – they may even call it an act of war.

It’s inevitable that something else is out there and that it could deliver a torpedo hit amidships the S.S. Hillary. That much was indicated by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen who on his website The Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required) reported that:

WikiLeaks most damning Hillary emails yet to come

According to well-placed government sources in Washington, DC, WikiLeaks is poised to release additional State Department emails that will show that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent even more sensitive classified information via her private servers.

The Obama regime and the oligarchy it serves will spare no effort, withhold no lie and spend as much money as possible to protect Hillary and the ultimate smear campaign against Trump may be coming soon – manufacturing ‘evidence’ that he is a sleeper agent of the KGB. The media is already well on the way to making the sales pitch.

And the amazing thing is that there is no real media scrutiny as to the content of any of the emails nor will there be once it becomes a matter of national security.