The Democrats are seriously spooked over the possibility that there will be a damning smoking gun in the next release of emails on Hillary and the DNC. With a big helping hand from the corrupt media, the Dems have sold the public the conspiracy theory that the Russians are the ones behind the hacks of the DNC, the Clinton campaign and maybe even Hillary’s home server. According to Wikileaks leader Julian Assange, there are more emails on the way including one that may lead to Hillary’s indictment.

Emperor Barack Obama has already used the power of the presidency in order to help Hillary by attacking her opponent from the bully pulpit and the question should be asked on how far he would go to ensure her election. A Politico story raises the scary possibility that in order to conceal Mrs. Clinton’s criminality that Obama could blame it all on Putin and retaliate as if an “October surprise” leak were an actual act of war.

The Hill reports that “Obama in tough spot with Russia”:

Pressure is growing on the White House to respond to Russia’s apparent hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), placing President Obama in a delicate political position.

Evidence has mounted that the Russian government was behind the theft of tens of thousands of damaging internal emails from the DNC, leading prominent lawmakers from both sides of aisle to call for some form of response.

The ranking members of the House and Senate Intelligence committees and the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee have all issued calls for Obama to “seek justice” for the attack.

But should Obama publicly point the finger at the Kremlin, it could expose covert intelligence capabilities and damage already-touchy discussions over Russia’s behavior in Syria and Ukraine, experts say.

That dynamic reflects one the central challenges the White House faces in responding to cyberattacks. Without any international rules of engagement, officials must weigh a response to each attack individually.

The FBI has opened an investigation into the hack, but because of the risks, experts say the public is unlikely to ever know the results, even if it is able to prove Russia’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The beauty of this meme is that the Democrats don’t have to prove that the Russkies are even behind the release of the emails because insiders and the media have already made the sale to the public. Nor will there be any discussion as to the content of future leaks that would prove that Mrs. Clinton is indeed guilty of criminal conduct. In a functional system that hasn’t been eaten through by a corrosive corruption the FBI and other enforcement agencies would have found the emails in question and the process would have been initiated to bring charges against Hillary. Perhaps that was in process – until Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s mysterious secret meeting on that airplane in Phoenix.

The Politico story provides more detail on efforts to poke the bear in the eye in order to save Hillary’s electoral prospects.

I excerpt the following from “Democrats fear ‘October surprise’ as White House ponders hack response”:

As Hillary Clinton supporters fret about a WikiLeaks “October surprise,” dozens of defense and security experts from both parties are urging the Obama administration to take tough action if it concludes that Russia orchestrated a series of cyberattacks on the Democratic Party.


The prospect of a lengthy wait is unnerving for Clinton supporters, who see potential repeats of last month’s mass release of Democratic National Committee emails as one of a handful of unpredictable curveballs that could still toss the White House to Donald Trump. Democrats have charged that the website WikiLeaks dumped the emails as part of a Russian effort to aid Trump, who has praised Putin and expressed doubts about U.S. commitments to allies in Eastern Europe.

Russia has denied having anything to do with the DNC hacks or a separate breach aimed at donors to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. But if the U.S. concludes that Putin’s regime is to blame, a growing chorus of security hawks says the White House must make it clear that such meddling in the U.S. political system cannot stand.

“If in fact you could definitively or strongly develop a case for attribution against Russia, that in fact the Russians should be confronted with it and we should confront them publicly with it,” former Obama administration National Security Adviser Tom Donilon said Thursday during a POLITICO Playbook breakfast.

“I don’t think countries are paying a price for this kind of activities,” Stephen Hadley, who held the same post under George W. Bush, said at the same event.

Calls for action have also come from several congressional Democrats and Republicans who serve on defense, law enforcement or intelligence committees, as well as a bipartisan group of 31 security and counterterrorism experts who urged Obama to “take prompt actions” that would “deter foreign actors from pursuing such tactics in the future.”

“This is not a partisan issue,” wrote the experts from the Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group, who included Bush Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and former CIA directors Michael Hayden and William Webster. They added: “Our president should be chosen by American citizens, not by foreign adversaries or interests.”


Some Democrats have said Putin could have ample reason to want to see Trump in the White House, noting that the New York real estate magnate has praised him as a “strong leader” and has expressed doubts about whether the U.S. would defend NATO nations that come under Russian attack. Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort also has ties to Putin’s allies, having served as a longtime adviser to Moscow-backed former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

An official U.S. government rebuke of Russian hackers for targeting the DNC would call even more attention to those ties. But it could also backfire, allowing the Trump campaign to accuse Obama of intervening to salvage Clinton’s presidential hopes.

It’s a wonderfully constructed piece to make the case for a preemptive action against Russia before the other shoe drops on those damn emails and delivers a body blow to the Clinton machine.

What Politico – or any of these news outlets pushing the blame Putin angle for that matter – leaves out is that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a huge windfall for the defense and national security industries and that many of those cited in the Politico story have passed from public service into working for such companies. While Hillary can be counted on to preserve the looting of American taxpayers to finance perpetual war, Trump has earned the wrath of those who profit from it with his spoken desire to withdraw from nation building, make the NATO chiselers cough up their fair share and abort the new cold war that is festering. An America first foreign policy would derail the gravy train and that is what so terrifies the “experts” that are saber rattling for Obama to retaliate and set into motion a series of actions that Hillary could then use to escalate in Syria and order forces to retake Crimea – none of which bodes well for the survival of a much larger constituency than special interests and the Democratic party.

The idea that the increasingly unstable Obama would engage in the mother of all cover-ups by launching some sort of attack on Russia shows how much that the establishment fears Trump.

Will Obama do it?