The festering wart on the nation’s ass that is the Black Lives Matter movement has seen it’s best laid plans to disrupt the celebration of an American icon fizzle badly. It was with much bravado and the usual bullshit that BLM declared their intent to invade and take over the festivities at Elvis Week where they would protest in front of the grounds of the shrine to the King at Graceland. Calling the city of Memphis a site of “Apartheid” , the new breed of anarchists promised to shut down Graceland but as of Friday, the festivities suffered little impact from the mouths that roared.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal “Fans wrap up Elvis Week with vigil as protesters rally nearby”:

While thousands of fans gathered outside the gates of Graceland on a rainy and steamy Monday night, about 100 protesters congregated on Elvis Presley Boulevard during the city’s signature international tourist event, the annual Candelight Vigil in recognition of the death of Elvis Presley.

Affiliated with Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements, the protesters rallied just south of the mansion, isolated from the tourists by a significant police presence, several squad cars and specially erected concrete and metal barricades.

“We’ve already said this is the most police we’ve ever seen around Elvis Week, and we’re glad for it,” said Frances Forbus, 51, of Cartersville, Georgia, who said she was making her tenth trip to Graceland.

“I think everybody has a right to protest and say what they believe is on their mind, but today is about Elvis,” Forbus added. “To use an event that’s already established to call attention to yourself, I think it’s rude.”

Initially, about 20 protesters showed up in the early evening, and were told by police to remain within a fenced area on the south side of the Graceland shops. As the group increased in size, it moved out to the street, waving placards and occasionally chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” and other slogans.

Police arrested at least two people who attempted to work their way around the barricades, but it was unclear Monday night whether charges would be filed.

Meanwhile, police were permitting people identified as Elvis fans to pass through the barriers.

“One would wonder what information the police officer has to determine who is an Elvis fan and who is the protester. And that’s a question only the officer can answer,” said Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.

Much credit for keeping the week focused on the intended purpose and not allowing it to be hijacked by unruly, disrespectful hooligans goes to the fine professionals of the Memphis police force.

The Memphis Daily News reported on the effort to maintain order in the article “Police Separate Elvis Fans From Protesters”:

The latest Black Lives Matter movement protest included a show of force by Memphis Police that included plenty of questions about how police functioned as gatekeepers for Graceland’s annual candlelight vigil.

Several hundred Black Lives Matter movement protesters massed south of Graceland Monday, Aug. 15, on the 39th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death as several thousand people gathered on the other side of a thick police line for Graceland’s annual candlelight vigil.

The protest, pledged by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens and attended by veterans of the July 10 protest that shut down the Hernando DeSoto Bridge, was vocal and tense at times, with three protesters handcuffed by police when they attempted to cross a police line at Elvis Presley Boulevard and Craft Road.

Some of those stopped by police at the Craft Road checkpoint complained they were racially profiled by police.

Jeffrey Wolfe was one of several black men who approached the police lines there at around 6 p.m. He was denied entry to the vigil immediately, as white citizens were also questioned and allowed to join the vigil.

“I’m not with the protest,” he said when stopped by police.

“Graceland does not want you here,” a police officer told him.

Elvis would roll over in his grave if these scumbags were allowed to run amok.

With the brainless idea that spoiling events, shutting down highways and taking to the streets to attack police the headless movement isn’t scoring popularity points with the general public. A little political courage and leadership from Obama, Hillary and the Democrats would probably work wonders in getting these miscreants to behave properly but sadly they onl