Hillary Rodham Clinton has her tit in the wringer and is howling like a banshee. In a frantic effort to convince voters that there is a nefarious Russian fifth column afoot that’s being led by Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton dialed up the red-baiting. Tail Gunner Hillary and her surrogates are wailing that Trump is unfit for the presidency largely because he isn’t pounding the pulpit and calling for World War III by escalating hostilities with nuclear powerhouse Russia. Hillary’s latest meltdown is like a clear case of atomic PMS and God forbid that the crazy bitch inherits the launch codes to the nation’s nuclear arsenal in two months.

With her poll numbers having taken a big dive since her heralded “alt-right” stemwinder in which she associated millions of Americans with racists and neo-Nazis, Queen Hillary is counting on going full lunatic to make up lost ground. The one thing that seems to be resonating – at least with rancid Democrats and the corrupt media – is the warmed over Cold War rhetoric that they are all spewing. With Mrs. Clinton carrying the flag for the conspiracy mongers, a full-scale onslaught is being mounted to chain Trump at the hip to the reviled Russian Federation leader Vladimir Putin.

As reported by the Guardian “Hillary Clinton: ‘unpatriotic’ Donald Trump’s praise of Putin is ‘scary’”:

Hillary Clinton on Thursday derided Donald Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin as “unpatriotic” and “scary” and suggested the Republican nominee’s coziness with the Russian president could represent a threat to national security.

In a press conference at an airport in Westchester, New York, her first such formal event in 278 days, Clinton discussed Trump’s remarks at a “commander-in-chief forum” hosted by NBC and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in New York on Wednesday night, in which the nominees drew sharp contrasts on foreign policy and national security in back-to-back appearances that previewed their first debate later this month.

“Bizarrely, once again he praised Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin – even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the Russian president to our American president,” Clinton said on the airport tarmac, in front of her campaign plane. “Now, that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country as well as to our commander-in-chief – it is scary.”

When you are desperate it’s always a certain refuge of scoundrels to hide behind the flag which is exactly what crazy Clinton is doing although she is hardly the one to bray about someone being “unpatriotic” when she takes money from the despotic Saudi regime. Being accused of being insufficiently patriotic by a festering wart on the ass of America the likes of Hillary is akin to being lectured on dinner etiquette by Jeffrey Dahmer.

If you think that howling Hillary is in full-batshit mode now just wait until she starts raving and drooling over Trump’s appearance on Larry King’s show on Russia Today. RT may indeed receive funding from the Kremlin but it isn’t any less saturated with propaganda and government lies than the mainstream media right here in the USA is with it’s fearmongering and cheerleading for the restoration of the Clinton crime family to the White House. A double dose of Thorazine may be needed to keep Hillary from biting off her tongue once she goes for Trump’s jugular over that particular interview.

This deranged nutcase not only belongs in prison but locked deep inside of the prison mental ward.