A new totalitarian Left has arisen from the ashes of Hillary Clinton’s election defeat. Crazed liberals and progressives have set new standards for fascist demagoguery with their feverish denouncing of Hillary’s critics as members of Russian sleeper cells along with calls for congressional tribunals and censorship of independent media. Such things are decidedly un-American but were staples in Stalin’s Russia where today’s Democrats would be perfectly comfortable.

Now the berserkers are turning on each other. The witch hunter’s tribune formally known as the Washington Post has followed up the publication of a dangerous blacklist with attacks on liberal media personalities and other anti-Clinton voices. Now former MSNBC blowhard Ed Schultz is being burned at the stake because he just happens to have a show on Russia Today.

According to the witch hunting WAPO “How Ed Schultz transformed from MSNBC lefty to the American face of Moscow media”:

In mid-2015, MSNBC handed Schultz his last paycheck. After six years on the air, the ratings of his daily program, “The Ed Show,” were soft and MSNBC was going for more news in Schultz’s time slot, not opinion. His daily radio show had ended the previous year.

So Schultz went back to his lakefront home in Detroit Lakes, Minn., and took stock. At 61, after a lifetime in broadcasting, he concluded he wasn’t done. In early 2016, he returned to television, albeit in an unlikely place and role for a guy who once styled himself as a “prairie populist.” He became the lead news anchor for RT America, the domestic network of what was once known as Russia Today, a globe-spanning multimedia organization funded by the Russian government.

Schultz, in other words, went to work for “Putie.”

Schultz now hosts RT America’s signature evening newscast, “News With Ed Schultz,” produced in a studio located three blocks from the White House. Schultz is the American face — ruddy, beefy, with a megaphone voice — of a Moscow-based media organization that reports the news a little differently than CNN or NBC.

“Good evening, friends,” Schultz boomed on his program one recent evening before swiftly segueing into “the alleged hacking” of the presidential election by Russia. Schultz skipped the latest details, such as President Obama’s views on the matter or the consensus among American intelligence agencies about the extent of Russian meddling. Instead he went straight to Ed Schultz’s view of the matter: “This has become a lifeline for Clinton supporters in an effort to reverse the outcome of the election. . . . In the meantime, the story has entered the arena of outrageous.”


Schultz, who once said on MSNBC that Putin is “crippling” his country, now has a Russo-friendly, or perhaps American-skeptical, viewpoint on any number of issues on his RT program. So do most of the guests he interviews.

The crisis in the Syrian city of Aleppo, besieged by Syrian and Russian military forces? Apparently, it’s the United States’ fault: “You’ve got [Secretary of State] John Kerry supposedly trying to find the peace while the U.S. is being an arms dealer right into the city of Aleppo,” said Schultz on Dec. 8.

Fake online news, allegedly generated by Russian sources? Schultz, a North Dakotan who once considered running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat, thinks it’s all “fear and hype” by the American news media and a smear by the Democratic Party, especially Clinton.

“If they [the American media] want to go after fake news, they can start with the Clinton campaign and their accusations” about Russian involvement, he said on a broadcast in September.

RT America’s approach to the news makes some American officials and foreign-policy observers wonder: Is it merely “an alternative voice,” as it likes to say, or something more sinister?

Schultz’s reluctance to hew to the official line of the now fully Stalinist Democratic party has the knives out to carve up a man who has been all but labeled as a traitor. When the millions of dollars of George Soros’ dirty money and Democratic party muscle organizations like MoveOn.org see Putin’s operatives everywhere a high-profile example is needed. Former CNN superstar Larry King who also hosts a show on RT has been similarly vilified by the disgraceful red-baiting traitors in the Democratic party.

Granted that RT is largely an outlet for news and opinion that serves to paint the Russian government in a positive light but it’s more than a bit hypocritical for the Washington Post of all sources to cry about the promotion of state propaganda. I have occasionally watched RT myself and there is far less fake news than what one finds on CNN or most other domestic establishment outlets.

The ongoing derangement of Democrats and their GOP allies (McCain and Graham) to engage in what can only be defined as McCarthyism on steroids is a dangerous escalation for those who are still fuming that Donald Trump has been elected as President of the United States and are working around the clock to demonize his nascent administration as a branch of the Kremlin on the Potomac.

At some point. someone with national credibility needs to call bullshit on this entire charade and relegate those whining loser liberals who see Russians in their darkened closets and under their beds to the fringe of American politics where they belong.

Originally published at Downtrend.com