The latest US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression trick in Ukraine is the western puppet of the coup regime, Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk temporarily quelling the violence to conduct talks on what are being described as Moscow backed peace proposals as have been arranged by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). This is however just another sham in that the results of Sunday’s referendum conducted Sunday in the eastern region by anti-fascist, anti-austerity freedom fighters to establish the Donetsk People’s Republic apart from the Kiev junta will not be invited to the talks. This appears for all intents and purposes to be just a brief retrenchment by the US installed occupying regime that displaced elected president Viktor Yanukovych to buy time until the May 25th elections that will exclude those whom neocon Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland denounces as “terrorists”.

The level of investment by corrupt western interests, specifically American corporate interests in Ukraine has been out in the open although not in the US state-corporate media which is just an outlet for the lies of neoconservatives and their allies in the Obama administration. The announcement that Vice President Joe Biden’s son R.Hunter Biden was just hired by Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest gas company makes it evident that the resources of the people who are the latest target of the Empire have already been sold off to the highest bidder. Having failed to this point to bait the reviled Russian leader Vladimir Putin into actually invading East Ukraine – after the failure to halt the loss of Crimea and the Russian naval base at the Black Sea port of Savastopol – and having likely suffered some degree of embarrassment in Europe over the vicious neo-Nazi pogrom in Odessa the interim “Yats” regime is just buying time and allowing things to slightly cool down. That however is not going to last and the carnage is soon to come.

The US Empire will not be denied in Ukraine and after the sham election on May 25th – which will exclude those in the east that have risen up against western backed fascism the dogs will be loosed again and will include corporate mercenaries among the neo-Nazi militias and military forces of the then ‘elected’ government in Kiev. The US plan doesn’t change very much at least in the original concept of ethnic cleansing, murder and ostracism that was long ago perfected with Manifest Destiny leading to the routing of the indigenous occupants of America and John Wayne has been kicking ass and taking names ever since. The anti-fascists in east Ukraine are the new Indians and the meme in the run-up to May 25th seems to be using the propaganda machine to brand them as “those who use violence” which will justify the coming bloodletting when the next US-EU-NATO puppet is ensconced in the Kiev presidential palace. The new government will not be legitimate either in that the will of millions will be ignored which inevitably is leading to a civil war of the type that already has the blood barters salivating over profiteering from an increase in arms sales, Lockheed is one of them.

Once the time comes for the use of violence against dissidents the use of mercenaries will be integral, here had been early reports although unsubstantiated that the soldiers of fortune had already been operating in the area along with Pravy Sektor thugs given the aura of legitimacy of being deputized as national guardsmen. Last week the reportage of Der Spiegel broke the news that there were indeed approximately 400 such mercs already in country, allegedly from the U.S. firm Academi (formerly Blackwater) which is an indication of the escalation that is to come. The problem with the neoconservative plot in Ukraine has been that while the US so-called mainstream media continues to disseminate official lies the alternative media has been on the case in getting the truth out, often through writing about accounts provided from those on the ground. An interesting take on the mercenaries and the recklessness of the Nuland led operation is that the revelation that corporate mercenaries were killing civilians would blow the credibility of the US straight to hell – not that any is left.

I excerpt the following from the official propaganda organ Stars and Stripes story entitled “Rumors of American mercenaries in Ukraine spread to Germany”:

 In eastern Ukraine, among pro-Russian separatists, the notion that elite American fighters are prowling the backroads and slag heaps of their region is oft-repeated. After first surfacing in March, the rumors sounded like the sort of paranoid fantasies created in a war zone where anti-Americanism is rampant.

But now the rumors are being repeated in Germany’s capital — and resonating. That alone may count as a victory for Russian propagandists, even if there are no American mercenaries. The White House says there are not.

Bild am Sonntag, a tabloidlike newspaper that occasionally breaks major stories on the German government, is reporting that German intelligence has told Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office that it had unconfirmed reports that 400 Americans appear to be aiding the interim Ukrainian government in its fight against pro-Russian separatists. According to Bild, the German intelligence agency cited U.S. intelligence officials as its source.

The report, which appeared Sunday, has since been repeated by many German news outlets. The allegation that the information was presented to the chancellor’s office in a weekly briefing in April lends it gravitas. That such reports in Bild on more than one occasion have proved true enhances its credibility. The chancellor’s office and the German intelligence service have declined to either confirm or deny, a development that leaves an atmosphere of doubt in a country where tensions are rife about just how angry Germany should be at Russia’s actions in Ukraine — fueled in no small part by German reliance on Russian natural gas and oil and the extensive business ties between the two nations.

“We’ve told Bild and other outlets that these stories are nonsense,” Caitlin Hayden, the national security spokeswoman for the White House, said Wednesday. “The company in question has been on record denying it for almost two months.” [Who in the hell would believe the White House a collection of war criminals and pathological liars if there ever were one]


Suddeutsche Zeitung columnist Hubert Wetzel on Wednesday described the rumors as potentially devastating for the Western cause in Ukraine. His column made a point of noting that even the report of the report to the chancellor’s office was still a rumor. But he noted that if confirmed, it would damage the Western claim to the moral high ground in this conflict. [What moral high ground?]

“Nothing would rock the credibility of Europeans and Americans more than a confirmation of the news that American mercenaries are working for the Ukrainian government. For Moscow, this would be a priceless propaganda victory where the West would appear morally naked. As naked as Moscow is now.”

Morally naked is a great bumper sticker term indeed as the Emperor has had no clothes for a damned long time now and this escapade of regime change in Ukraine is just a bridge too far.