The day after former New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder for his role in the killing of his homey Odin Lloyd the NFL’s next big star is drawing more negative media attention. Former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston or “Famous Jameis” as he will inevitably be marketed by the league and it’s media partners was sued by the victim of his alleged sexual assault. For a league that has been besieged with bad publicity this year between domestic violence incidents, cheating scandals and questions of whether games are rigged this is the last thing that the NFL needs. Especially with the annual draft in less than two weeks and practically every sports analyst in the land touting Winston as the number one pick.

As reported by CNN in the story “Woman who accused quarterback Jameis Winston of rape files suit”:

Erica Kinsman, a former Florida State University student who has accused star football player Jameis Winston of rape, has filed a lawsuit against the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, her lawyer said Thursday.

Kinsman has said Winston raped her in December 2012. A prosecutor decided against bringing criminal charges in the case.

In the lawsuit filed Thursday, Kinsman alleges sexual battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

CNN has attempted to contact Winston’s attorney for comment but has not received a reply yet.

While Winston was “cleared” of the alleged rape, the accusation has lingered and there is at least some degree of perception that he got off due to the clout of Florida State University which stood to lose big if deprived of their star QB. Whether Winston is actually guilty of the sexual assault is unknown but he is definitely a bad seed with his theft of crab legs from a Florida grocery store and the ruckus over his standing on a table on campus shouting “I’m going to f*ck her right in the pussy” as evidence.

But he is about to reap the windfall of millions of dollars when the Tampa Buccaneers (and people wonder why some teams suck forever?) will choose him with the top pick in the draft. It’s more than a bit ironic that a team that a pirate nickname would have their public face and franchise leader for the foreseeable future be a dude who has become infamous for booty, plunder and pillage.

But that is the way that it is in the NFL, just look at Hernandez because all of the warning signs were there before he was drafted but athletic skill always trumps character and the positive attributes of being a good role model.