As the murderous Russian dictator Joseph Stalin once famously remarked “death solves all problems – no man, no problem” and with GOP front-runner Donald Trump being charged by an assailant today in Dayton he may have greater concerns than surviving a brokered convention. While details are still sketchy, the US Secret Service intervened to protect the candidate from a man with malevolent intent. Today’s unsettling events followed what was obviously a carefully planned attempt to unleash a horde of jacked up black militants and assorted other anarchists against a Trump rally in Chicago last night. Trump’s speech, which was to be delivered at the University of Illinois was called off out of concern for the safety of the crowd.

Perhaps it’s just coincidental that the threat of mob violence has broken out only days before Tuesday’s critical primaries in Florida and Ohio but it goes without saying that the media is culpable for whipping up unstable personalities into a blood frenzy by sensationalizing a “sucker punch” delivered by an old man to a black troublemaker at a Trump rally in North Carolina on Thursday.

Today’s unsettling incident is reported by the Washington Post in the story “Man charges security barricade at Trump rally in Dayton”:

An unidentified man charged at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Saturday during a campaign event here in Dayton, one day after increased security concerns forced his campaign to cancel an event in Chicago.

The Secret Service quickly surrounded the real estate mogul after a man attempted to get beyond the barricades to the dais where Trump was standing. The man, whose motives remain unclear, was charged with disorderly conduct and inciting panic by the Dayton Police Department, according to an official familiar with the matter.

“I was ready for him but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?” Trump quipped after the man was taken away. “And to think I had such an easy life! What do I need this for, right?”

Saturday marked Trump’s first appearance since violent clashes in Chicago erupted after the campaign abruptly canceled an event there Friday night. The incident has raised questions from critics about the tone he has set for the campaign. As Trump has inched closer to the Republican nomination in recent weeks, protesters have become increasingly drawn to his events; those demonstrations have, in many instances, resulted in physical altercations.

Trump wasted no time addressing Friday’s cancelation, saying that his supporters “caused no problem” at his rally, instead saying supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are to blame.


Aside from the fence-jumper, the GOP front runner encountered less protest activity in Dayton than in other rallies in previous day — though that bar has been set high in recent days.

In Fayetteville, N.C., Wednesday, a man punched a young protester in the face as he was escorted out of the venue.

In St. Louis Friday afternoon, protesters interrupted the real estate mogul eight times during his speech at the Peabody Opera House. He was held up for several minutes as police officers struggled to remove demonstrators. Outside, Trump supporters and protesters clashed, at times violently. In all, 32 people were arrested, according to the St. Louis Police Department.

There were just three other interruptions in Dayton Saturday, which were relatively brief and resulted in no violence.

It must be noted that the same newspaper bears much responsibility for the climate of hostility that now exists and that is quickly morphing into something that could end up being very, very dangerous on an unforeseen level. The WAPO has spent months relentlessly smearing Trump as the second coming of Hitler, a racist, an anti-Semite, a KKK sympathizer, a consort of white supremacist David Duke and more. Columnists the likes of Dana Milbank – who is Jewish and should know better – have dragged out Holocaust survivors to make the case against a man that the Beltway scum fear more than ISIS. God forbid that the Star-Bellied Sneetches have their lives of privilege spent as courtiers to the ruling class of moral reprobates challenged.

Trump represents the worst nightmare to the putrescent flotsam and jetsam of an establishment that feeds off of the taxpayers with no accountability, no regard for either democracy nor the republic and a burning contempt for the average citizen outside of the Beltway. Trump has managed to cut through the bullshit by taking his message directly to the people and the D.C. and New York City based oligarchy is terrified of a sleeping giant awakened: the sleeping giant that is the American people. The media – and not only the WAPO -are the firewall between the no longer silent majority and the swine who have hijacked this country for their own personal gain and have now crossed over from their standard smears into inciting violence. Perhaps this will soon prove inspirational to one seeking to become famous in a grand historical way.

While the front-runner’s political competition is milking the violence for all that it’s worth in a furious last ditch effort to put down the brewing Trump revolution, it may already have reached critical mass. It is at times like these where history hangs in the balance and the fuse on the powder keg is rapidly burning down that responsible parties need to reign in the rhetoric before a modern day Gavrilo Princip acts out in a manner that all will come to regret. Not likely though because as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, the staff at the WAPO will be upping the ante against Trump and his supporters.

As much as the Washington Post treasures it’s cherished Nazi references perhaps they should read up on a guy named Julius Streicher, a vile propagandist whose anti-Semitic paper Der Stürmer played to the most murderous of instincts of the German population. Herr Streicher never personally killed one Jew but that didn’t stop him from swinging from the end of a rope at Nuremberg once the butcher’s bill came due.