Clinton crime family surrogate David Brock is licking his chops over a prospective Trump vs. Hillary clash of the titans in the general election this fall. Despite Queen Hillary’s inability to shake the pesky socialist Bernie Sanders, the only thing standing between Mrs. Clinton and the nomination is either a federal indictment or a heart attack and the party apparatchik fully understand this. Brock, a former Republican who switched sides and became a Clinton operative and who runs the liberal website Media Matters boasted to Dem donors that he had enough dirt to essentially do to Trump tower what the fiends who attacked the U.S. on 9/11 did to the World Trade Center.

According to Politico “Brock: Enough opposition research to ‘knock Trump Tower down’”:

David Brock, in a Monday night speech to some of the biggest liberal donors in the country, boasted that his researchers had assembled a trove of opposition research on Donald Trump that Democrats could use to “knock Trump Tower down to the sub-basement.”

Speaking at a reception on the sidelines of the annual spring meeting of the Democracy Alliance liberal donor club at Santa Monica’s tony Fairmont Hotel, Brock said that Trump “was not properly vetted by his rivals — or by the press” during the Republican presidential primary.

But Brock, who is a leading supporter of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, said that his non-profit opposition research outfit American Bridge started researching Trump last July, and has unearthed some damning stuff.

“We sat on it all so as not to help the candidates who might have been stronger general election candidates,” Brock said, according to his prepared remarks, which American Bridge released to Politico.

The group, which provides research to Democratic campaigns and party committees, is supported by some Democracy Alliance donors. And sources at the Democracy Alliance meeting said several influential donors attended his reception, including health care tech entrepreneur Paul Egerman, who is close to Elizabeth Warren, as well as Taco Bell heir Rob McKay and New York investor Donald Sussman.

While Brock told the donors that American Bridge also had been building oppo files on other prospective Republican presidential nominees — including Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan — he paid special attention to the Manhattan real estate showman who is leading the GOP delegate race, warning: “Trump won’t be a cakewalk defeat” in a general election.

“American Bridge is building a database of all the regular people — from unpaid vendors to harassed tenants to defrauded students at Trump University — who got screwed over for one reason only,” said Brock. “They took Trump at his word.”

The one big problem with Brock’s grand strategy to blast Trump into oblivion is that the billionaire iconoclast’s own party has been trying to do the same thing to prevent him from being nominated. However, to this point the smear campaigns have been so ineffective that the party bosses have had to resort to shaving delegates and then cheating him at the convention. Combine this with Mrs. Clinton’s own unpopularity as well as Trump’s ability to draw crossover voters who aren’t down with the restoration of the Clinton dynasty – who also see through Hillary’s horseshit – it may have less effect than the arrogant operative is counting on.