Police in Florida are now being accused of not doing enough to save the lives of three young girls who boosted a car while the driver was inside a local Walmart and led police on a chase culminating with the stolen vehicle and it’s occupants on the bottom of a pond. But after the early thrill – one of the perps took to social media to boast “Who tryna get seen & wheels?” – their joyride played out to a very grim conclusion. It was a sad and tragic tale when it happened last month and has now taken the inevitable turn towards becoming another political football in the racial grievance arena just as every incident involving dead black people and law enforcement does anymore. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department is having to defend the actions of it’s officers after the release of dashcam footage that some are saying shows little or no effort by the officers to risk their own lives in order to rescue the doomed criminals.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that “Dash cam video of stolen car crash that killed three girls raises questions on social media regarding Pinellas Sheriff’s Office actions”:

A portion of a dash cam video from the March 31 crash that killed three teenage girls who were in a stolen car as it sank into a pond circulated on social media Friday, prompting questions about whether Pinellas Sheriff’s deputies did enough to rescue them.

Earlier this week, the Sheriff’s Office released its investigation report and several dash cam videos from the crash.

One segment of the video showed a few deputies at the scene talking about the submerged Honda Accord as they stood a few feet from the pond.

“It’s going all the way down. It’s almost fully submerged,” one deputy says. “I hear them yelling, I think!”

“They’re done. They’re done. They are sig 7, dude.”

“Sig 7” refers to signal 7, a radio code for “dead person.”

“Did you hear yelling? I thought I heard yelling as it was going down,” a deputy said.

The video was under scrutiny Friday by several online media sources that say the deputies did nothing to rescue the girls. But Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has maintained that his deputies tried to get in the water, but couldn’t due to the muddy conditions.

The dash cam footage does not show deputies conducting rescue attempts or capture any conversations about rescue efforts. It does show some deputies, without uniforms or belts on, heading to and from the water.

The Sheriff’s Office posted that video clip to its Facebook page Friday.

“It’s a bunch of junk,” the sheriff said Friday of the allegations. “Those deputies went in that water and tried to save those girls at their own peril.”

The Sheriff’s investigative reports indicate that deputies tried to reach the car. Deputy Jeff Clement wrote in his report: “Myself and other deputies began to enter the swampy water… the fact that the vehicle was still moving, along with the unstable ground and excessive water vegetation, made a rescue too risky for those involved.”

Michele Whitfield, an attorney representing the family of two of the girls, said the video shows “there’s more questions that need to be answered.”

God only knows why the cops wouldn’t eagerly risk their own lives by shucking their laundry and diving into a murky body of water that they had no idea of the depth, could have been infested with snakes and other critters and in pitch black darkness. But now the at least one family of the dead is looking to raise questions in what is clearly an attempt to cash in. As the buzz builds on blacktivist social media the lawsuits are on the way as are the ghouls who always exploit such things for their own agenda.

Where’s the gratitude for saving the taxpayers the money that it would have had to spend on the trio who well on their way to futures within the Florida penal system?