Americans will continue to be herded like sheep through federally manned airport security checkpoints with no relief in sight. The busy summer travel season is nearly here and tempers will be rising along with temperatures as Obama’s assclown of a Transportation Security Administration boss has a message for travelers – suck it up and deal with it.

The Associated Press reports “TSA head: Expect more airport security delays despite funds”:

The head of the Transportation Security Administration warned travelers Friday to expect long airport security lines to continue during the peak summer travel season despite Congress’ shifting of $34 million to the agency.

Peter Neffenger briefed officials in Chicago on Friday about efforts to address crushing delays in getting passengers through security checkpoints at major airports around the country. Congress agreed to shift forward the $34 million in TSA funding to let the agency pay overtime to existing staff and hire an extra 768 screeners by June 15. The agency is funneling many of those resources to major hub airports like Chicago’s O’Hare International.

Neffenger called the money a “good down payment” but said more resources were needed to address a shortage of screeners.

“I think this summer is going to continue to be a challenge,” he said at a news conference at O’Hare after meeting with members of Illinois’ congressional delegation and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I think we’re doing everything we can to mitigate that from the larger standpoints. I think you’ll still see crowds in airports. My goal is to keep you moving. We can’t have a situation like we had here in Chicago.”

Despite Neffenger’s call for more resources, there is no grand plan to return staffing to former levels, and the agency is suffering attrition rates of as high as 28 percent among its part-time workers, he said.

Perhaps the growing evidence that the TSA is a gargantuan failure and the mother of all boondoggles will have some finally realizing that the trade off of freedom for safety was a raw deal. The 9/11 attacks presented the Feds with the perfect chance to implement fascism in America and conditioning Americans to submit to government goons at the nation’s airports was key to establishing the “new normal” in Der Homeland.

Even before the several hours long waiting lines, the TSA has been a disaster with one public relations problem after another. Whether it be feeling up children, the humiliation of old ladies, the costly failed naked body scanners – that former DHS Michael Chertoff made a small fortune on – theft, and of sexual molestation, the TSA has been an unmitigated disaster. Could be that Neffenger will be made the latest fall guy too.

A story that ran in the Washington Post entitled “TSA administrator Peter Neffenger may be in trouble” seems to indicate that he’s on borrowed time:

Wait times at major airports that exceed 90 minutes. Independent tests showing Transportation Security Administration screeners failed to detect fake weapons and bombs planted by auditors 95 percent of the time. The constant threat of a terrorist attack. That’s the stuff on TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger’s daily must-address list.

A new addition to that list: a job in possible jeopardy. The Senate approved Neffenger’s appointment as the TSA’s sixth administrator in June. Just 11 months later, he has basically been warned.

During a Sunday morning appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Reps. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) and Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.) each told viewers that there may be a need for management and leadership changes, or at least significant improvement, at the TSA.

However, a change in “leadership” isn’t likely to significantly improve an agency that has become a pox on America. Forcing taxpayers to pay for their own enslavement is an idea that should be taken off the table entirely. The entire TSA needs to be dismantled and less intrusive means implemented, preferably by private industry. It’s now crystal clear that this abomination was never going to work in the first place, the combination of big government overreach, gross incompetence and lack of oversight should have been anticipated.

Meanwhile, America waits.