The Never Trumpers have now been officially routed as Donald Trump has amassed the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican party nomination. As of Thursday, the iconoclastic billionaire outsider has managed to wrangle enough uncommitted delegates to make the New Jersey and California primaries a formality as the Trump express steams towards Cleveland. It was nearly a year ago that Trump was scorned, mocked and laughed at by a corrupt establishment and it’s pocket media who saw him as nothing but a joke as the greatest assembly of talent in GOP history was amassed to duel for the 2016 nomination. Trump proved all of the co-called experts wrong, crushed the hopes and dreams of the Bush family and went through the rest of the field in a manner that as General George S. Patton would say was “like shit through a tin horn.”

CNN is reporting “Donald Trump has delegates to clinch GOP nomination”:

Donald Trump has the delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, according to a CNN delegate count Thursday.

While Trump has had the nomination locked down for weeks, he has now reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates with the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his candidacy. A handful of states, including the large prizes of California and New Jersey, will hold the final primaries on June 7.

While Trump will not formally accept the party’s nomination until the delegates cast their votes on the convention floor in July, crossing the threshold effectively puts to rest any remaining suspense about the possibility of a messy and contested convention. For months, drama and tumult have rocked the Republican Party, as a fervent anti-Trump movement launched a full-on onslaught to derail his candidacy.

But the flurry of “Never Trump” activities, including a slew of negative ads against Trump and efforts to draft a third-party candidate, ultimately proved unsuccessful.
Speaking at a news conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, Trump reveled in the fact that he had clinched his party’s nomination before Hillary Clinton.

“Here I am watching Hillary fight and she can’t close the deal,” Trump said.

Thursday also marks an extraordinary accomplishment for Trump.

The launch of his unlikely presidential campaign last summer was met with widespread ridicule. His wholly unorthodox campaign and rhetoric not only unsettled and alarmed GOP party leaders, but also convinced many that the first-time political candidate would soon lose steam. But if his campaign was initially underestimated by the party and political media, it soon became clear that Trump’s anti-establishment, populist rhetoric had struck a nerve across the country.

“No one in American history has moved from a June 16 announcement to a May 26 winning of a majority,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, rumored to be among the candidates on Trump’s vice presidential short-list, wrote on Twitter Thursday. “Trump’s achievement is remarkable.”

But even as Trump and his campaign celebrate, they now have a more daunting task ahead: defeating Clinton in the general election.

The establishment threw everything and dozens of kitchen sinks at Trump but nothing ever stuck, he took their best shots and emerged as the last man standing, the months long barrage of hit pieces, media smears and demonization would have destroyed a lesser man but the Donald is that rare individual who feeds on outrage, he absorbs it and then fries the opposition to a crisp like Godzilla unleashing a blast of nuclear fire breath. The establishment shot it’s wad in Wisconsin where Trump had reportedly been stopped in the April 5th primary only to emerge with a string of devastating wins against the sleazy bible-thumping charlatan Ted Cruz in the northeast and capped off with a head shot in the Indiana contest where he chased the Texas senator from the race like a badly whipped dog. Despite a desperate and doomed resistance movement led by egomaniacal failed candidate Mitt Romney and neocon windbag William Kristol and others the #NeverTrump movement failed to recruit a candidate to run against Trump and have joined the bodies strewn on the battlefield. The rout has been total and for all intents and purposes the Republican party now belongs to Donald Trump.

Next up is the battle of the century against Hillary Rodham-Clinton, the establishment’s great pasty white hope and given the ongoing problems with the Democrats the Trump revolution has one hell of a chance of taking it to the palace and kicking in the door.