As the unsinkable Hillary Clinton and the Dem’s good ship lollipop continues to take on water some are contemplating rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. In a development that was unthinkable only a few short weeks ago there are whispers among the party establishment that Hillary loyalist Debbie “the carp” Wasserman Schultz could be ousted. The south Florida skank and payday loan industry ho has become a lightning rod over her running of the DNC as a de facto arm of the Clinton campaign and has become a yuuuge liability in this year of open political revolt.

The Hill is floating the trial balloon in the piece “Why Wasserman Schultz must go“:

The role of Democratic Party chair is a high honor. Holding that position requires a combination of many attributes. Beyond being the face and chief messenger of the party, you must possess the skills of a consummate diplomat. Above all, the members of your party must trust you. This trust is most needed and required during the presidential campaign season.

One public posture is essential: that of being neutral. On that critical factor, the present chair of the Democratic Party has failed miserably.

From the very beginning of the campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination, the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), has violated the principle of neutrality. It started with her pushing for a very limited amount of debates, so that the challengers to front-runner Hillary Clinton would not be given the opportunity to express their views to the widest possible audience.

To make matters even worse, Wasserman Schultz arranged and scheduled the debates at the worst possible times and dates. Then there was the setting up of a joint fundraising committee of the DNC and the Clinton campaign. What could be more of a blatant act of collusion? How in any way could this be defined as being neutral? In addition, early in the campaign, Wasserman Schultz unilaterally suspended Sen. Bernie Sanders’s access to the DNC voter database. Another act of neutrality? Until recently, she had packed convention committees with only minimal input from the Sanders campaign.

For Clinton to run a successful general election campaign and defeat Republican nominee Donald Trump, she needs to unite the Democratic Party behind her.

It is difficult to envision a more devastating loss for the Clinton mob. Wasserman Schultz has been a critical cog in the Clinton machine as well as a Kool Aid drinking loyalist, she will be impossible to replace in the time remaining until voters go to the polls in November. But Schultz has through her bottomless well of arrogance and an uncanny inability to practice effective public relations been turned into the poster gal for a tainted and rigged process which must be preserved at all costs. So it’s not inconceivable that she will be thrown under the bus because let’s face it, someone’s head is going to roll and it won’t be Hillary’s.

It won’t be enough though, there is not going to be a unifying of the Democrats in 2016 – the party is fracturing and who knows what will be left after the coming debacle. This was always going to be the case with Queen Hillary being handed the nomination back in 2008 despite her miserable record. There was a good reason why she was schlonged by Obama then and it’s not some vast and nebulous right wing conspiracy that she is being rejected again now. It has only gotten worse in the ensuing years with the email scandal, the top secret Wall Street speeches, whoring herself out to big corporations and the disaster in Libya that created the refugee crisis and helped to spawn ISIS. Compounding matters, along came Bernie with his siren song of socialism and free shit to lure the young who despite their youth and naivete can see right through the con job that Wasserman Schultz is running with the superdelegates. She is also facing a Bernie backed challenger for her seat in the upcoming primary, it would be a massive score if she not only gets dumped from the DNC but also flushed from Congress altogether.