Looking to capitalize on a growth market in presidential politics, the newly crowned Queen Hillary is looking to lure Never Trumpers over to her side of the fence. Team Hillary has rolled out the brand spanking new Republicans Against Trump website which judging from the number of back stabbers going on record against the billionaire outsider should be a big hit. The effort continues to exploit the suicidal march of the establishment lemmings looking to distance themselves from the vile “racist” Trump in the midst of the massive Judge Gonzalo Curiel media onslaught. Clinton is already running ads featuring the words of those Republicans who have trashed Trump and will have a heyday if any big names end up on the mailing list for this social media sensation.

The Hill is reporting “Clinton launches ‘Republicans Against Trump’ website”:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign launched a new website encouraging Republicans who are not supporting Donald Trump to take a pledge vowing not to vote for the presumptive GOP nominee.

The website, republicansagainsttrump.org, was launched on June 2, according to Politico, but the campaign started buying ads to promote the website after that. The website was registered on May 27.

The site urges people to take a pledge to get a free Republicans Against Trump sticker.

“Donald Trump is not qualified to be president,” the pledge says. “He does not represent my beliefs as a Republican and, more importantly, my values as an American. He does not speak for me and I will not vote for him.”

It’s probably just a coincidence that the acronym for the effort is R.A.T. which is thoroughly apropos. Establishment Republicans who were really never onboard with supporting their presumptive nominee in the first place can now get with the program and score a nifty bumper sticker too.