If there are two immutable tendencies of big government alphabet soup agencies they are this. One, they are so incompetent that they get innocent people killed and two, they use any excuse to accumulate more power. After the FBI screwed the pooch on preventing Muslim extremist Omar Mateen from massacring 50 people in a Florida gay bar on Sunday, Leviathan is on the brink of pushing to further gut the privacy rights of law-abiding Americans that have been slowly but surely whittled down after the 9/11 attacks.

Politico reports “Orlando Attack May Rekindle Encryption Fight”:

This weekend’s massacre in Orlando could reignite the debate over whether technology companies must help law enforcement unlock terrorist suspects’ encrypted phones — just months after the issue fueled an angry court battle between Apple and the FBI.

Federal investigators have not yet said what kind of phone they recovered from Orlando gunman Omar Mateen — and whether, like the killers in last year’s deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., he used encryption to prevent outsiders from reading his communications. But tracing Mateen’s digital trail will be crucial to the investigation of Sunday’s bloodshed, especially in determining whether he had received help or encouragement from terrorist groups before he killed at least 49 people and wounded 53 more in the Central Florida nightclub.

Fascism never sleeps in Obamastan nor does it miss using a good crisis to try to ramrod expansions of big government power through Congress and the courts when Americans are scared. Taking another whack at depriving the populace of any remaining vestiges of privacy is now in the offing.

Big Brother already has the abilities to spy on nearly every detail of our lives and has been doing exactly that for years. There are secret programs, secret meetings and secret courts and yet with all of the vast dragnet surveillance and data-mining capabilities at their disposal, the feds are incapable of preventing terrorist attacks. They failed in Orlando, San Bernardino and Boston yet want to be rewarded for their incompetence with even more power which will not help to prevent terrorism but rather to go after ordinary criminals and compile date on all Americans for some as yet to be defined future use.

The government’s interests are far less about preventing terrorism and far more about quashing legimate political dissent no matter how the lying bastards spin it. Who will end up on President Hillary Clinton’s watch lists? Given her past on the record paranoid ravings of a vast right-wing conspiracy it is far more likely to be conservative activists rather than Islamic extremists who are targeted as America’s enemies.