While Donald Trump’s firing of Corey Lewandowski is getting major play in the media today as well as being touted as a sign that the Trump revolution has finally been put down there are none happier than the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. Rubin was positively orgasmic in today’s column where she hailed the belated arrival of the long-predicted anti-Trump surge that will result in the presumptive nominee’s rejection at next month’s convention. Trump has been absolutely swarmed by Rubin and the entire domestic media ever since he won the Indiana primary and now that he’s been wounded the Never Trumpers are gloating and braying for blood.

Rubin gushes about the triumphant turn of events in her column “Six weeks to sanity: The anti-Trump surge is finally here”:

In May (was it only last month?), Donald Trump’s Republican competitors left the presidential primary race. GOP officials scrambled to endorse him. There was talk big donors were coming on board. Many conscientious conservatives were in a funk, disillusioned with a party (albeit only a plurality of primary voters) who could select a charlatan and a bigot. Lifelong Republicans were appalled at the elected leaders willing to carry water for a demagogue. There was widespread anxiety Trump would beat expectations in the general election just as he did in the primaries.

Six weeks later, it is a much brighter picture for #NeverTrump Republicans and the country at large. The media is critically examining his record, challenging his bigotry and inane pronouncements. When he suggested the president might be in league with Islamist terrorists, the media pounced. Trump’s temper tantrum in barring The Post from his campaign events underscored his frustration with a new level of scrutiny.


Moreover, it turns out the vast majority of Americans do not take kindly to a racist, do not appreciate his proposal for a Muslim ban and do not approve of his response to the Orlando terrorist attack. In the primaries, “gaffes” seemed only to enhance his standing. The dumber his debate answers, the higher he went in the polls. Now, however, his outlandish comments are driving his poll numbers down. Maybe most Americans have not lost their minds, turned to political nihilism and rejected the American spirit of inclusion and fairness. It turns out what worked in the primaries doesn’t work in a general election context.

It is increasingly likely that either Trump will get dumped or he will lose by as healthy margin to Hillary Clinton. The Republic, it seems, may escape a brush with authoritarian buffoonery.


One, therefore, is left with an unpleasant reality: A plurality of GOP voters wanted Trump. They did not care or may have actively embraced his lunacy, bigotry and ignorance. His rotten character and abject honesty elicited shrugs. They wore his “pants on fire” fact checks like badges of honor. A significant segment of the GOP primary electorate itself lacked common sense, standards of decency, and intolerance of bigotry and cruelty. No group was worse than the evangelical “leaders” who cheered him along the way.

The entire wretched thing can be read here.

While things are starting to look increasingly grim for Trump as Republicans bolt en masse and Paul Ryan sharpens the dagger that he will soon bury in the billionaire iconoclast’s back it is only fair to point out that Rubin hasn’t been right about anything up to this point – a pattern when it comes to the stable of neocon rats at the WAPO. The neocon geniuses couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel when it comes to foreign policy and yet are given the credibility to push for another Middle East disaster with the coming war in Syria and even worse, a looming conflict with nuclear powerhouse Russia that may end up incinerating us all due to their arrogant scheming to rule the world. In any decent country these idiots would have been shamed out of the public sphere – too bad that we don’t live in one. But now Cleveland is increasingly looking like hostile territory to Trump with delegates scheming to rig the rules and the media having six more weeks to whack away at him in order to convince more cowardly Republicans to jump ship and essentially give the keys to the White House to Hillary Clinton.

While Rubin is doing her victory lap it shows how little that the political elite actually give a rat’s ass about any such silliness of what the voters actually want. It is hard to believe that we still live in a free country after watching the media working in a coordinated manner to completely destroy the presumptive nominee of one of the two major political parties rather than let the people decide the matter at the ballot box. If one didn’t know better they might suspect that they are living in a fascist country albeit one that is sophisticated enough to have evolved beyond actually taking out a candidate with extreme prejudice It’s a hell of a lot less messy to just turn loose the attack dogs in the media than do things the old fashioned way.

Perhaps it’s too early to say that though, reports have been made that a loon at a Las Vegas  rally may have showed up planning to kill the candidate. It’s actually surprising that it doesn’t happen more often given the poisonous and dangerous climate that Rubin and her winged-monkeys have been fomenting with their non-stop demagoguery.

If Trump somehow manages to survive the onslaught and win the election then he should immediately go after the Washington Post and it’s propagandists because this is not a news organization and doesn’t deserve to enjoy the protections that are granted as a right to a free press.