As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to be it’s own worst enemy in terms of plummeting public approval it is certainly easy to see why this is. In addition to the cancerous inciting of racism from people who are easily manipulated, the anti-cop agitation and the inconveniencing of innocent drivers by obstructing their right of free passage, a lot of the membership is quite simply an affront to decency. That is the case with the whiners bitching about the victims of the latest ISIS terrorist attack in France depriving them of their share of attention but a new low has been set by one Ashleigh Shackelford.

An article over at Zero Hedge caught my attention with the provocative headline of “‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizer “Triggered” By White People, Demands Money For Being A “Fat, Black Bitch” and BLM would be hard pressed to find a better poster child for what they have become. The ZH post links to a post written by the lard ass blacktivist that is so over the top that it borders on parody but alas – it’s for real.

The feminist blog Wear Your Voice features the rant from this balls-nasty, overbearing, entitled, uncouth, busting at the seams sack of pigshit entitled  “Fuck You, Pay Me: Reparations for Fat Black Bitches and Everything We Provide” from which I excerpt the following:

Real talk: I’m exhausted with the idea that fat Black bitches have to take care of everybody. Like, full stop.

I’m tired of everyone expecting something from me. Whether it’s using me as inspiration porn, using me as dissuasion porn (read: someone to never look like or love/like/fuck), to people eating off my flesh for their own resilience, support or power: fuck you, pay me.

Let me be clear, though: when I say, “Fuck you, pay me,” I mean, “FUCK YOU. PAY ME.” Pay me a check, pay me consistently, provide me safe housing, offer me a job with benefits, run me those Beyonce tickets, finance my clothes and wigs and aesthetics, cultivate accessibility to spaces and provide seats that fit me, see and validate my humanity.


This is why I can’t fuck with people who hear my story, my everyday experiences with violence, and think somehow I should theorize and write it all down for people to take from me for free. The intellectual, emotional and actual physical labor fat Black bitches provide is actually invaluable to the entire world. Yet here we are and I’m still owed, still taken from, still waiting. Fuck you. I literally stay ready to fight every fucking body. I never wake up feeling relaxed, well rested, or open to joy. I wake up tired. And I live on the defense. I’m not well. I’m not okay. I don’t even know what okay looks like because I’m always dealing with violence AND preparing for it.

In conclusion, the case for reparations for fat Black bitches is: fuck you, pay us.


Real class act isn’t she? While that particular post seems to be pretty self-centered and just an extended rant about being a “Fat Black Bitch” another link from Zero Hedge takes you to another more vitriolic piece entitled “For White People Who Want to Attend #BlackLivesMatter Protests” from which I also excerpt:

In the last two years that I’ve organized around antiblack violence and within the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I’ve witnessed white people showing up more and more to protests and rallies. At first, when we were protesting for Mike Brown for months in 2014, personally I was a lot more open to welcoming white allies who wanted to come out and help us fight. My personal/political naiveté and the need for more bodies trumped questioning their motives in the heat of the moment of something so important.

But after a while, I started realizing that trying to work with white people in direct actions became extremely triggering and tasking. I would witness many white people show up and want to be in the front — not to protect us, but to be visible and be in a photo. There would be swarms of white anarchists showing up, chanting “Fuck the Police,” completely disrupting our original chants and heightening the potential for violence against the Black protestors. Easily though, the anarchists almost outdo the groups of #AllLivesMatter folks who come out to walk in the protest but miss the entire point — even when most of the Black people call them out.


The fact that white people show up to these rallies as if it’s a fucking BBQ (cause you know y’all don’t have cookouts), chanting Assata’s words, saying “we have nothing to lose but our chains,” I’m actually retraumatized by how comfortable white people are in not doing anything to change their violence. These marches are funerals for us. Black people are being murdered, violated and oppressed every day. We are literally in mourning every minute of our lives.

These realities alone prove that intentionality is everything at this point. Right now, we’re in a political moment in which a lot of our intersecting Black movements are at a boiling point. This work has been a continuous effort of many generations, over many centuries of antiblack oppression; but right now, we are at an evolution and mutation of what antiblack racism looks like in this sociopolitical moment and how we have analyzed its depth level within our society institutionally and interpersonally.

White people are 400 years too fucking late for a round of applause for a damn tweet with a hashtag, or for showing up to a damn rally. So many white folks use politicization around #BlackLivesMatter to perform woke-ness because they are still praised in doing so. There is a special snowflake card issued to every white person who goes above existing in silence. But the reality is that even when white people “speak up,” those words are often plagiarized from us, they’re almost always given without citation or credit to whichever Black person they heard/read it from and they are almost always in a position to do more than just “talk.”

While Moby Fat Bitch seems to be trying to make some sort of point about the white leftist ninnies that show up at BLM rallies not understanding the persecution of blacks it just comes off as being racist to the extreme. Hey, in all fairness to Black Lives Matter I’m sure that there were and probably still are some well-intentioned people who are within the ranks but let’s face it, any movement that was largely fueled by making a martyr out of a criminal scumbag who is treated like fucking Martin Luther King Jr. is doomed to failure. This will continue to be the case as the movement increasingly turns to violence and has people like Ms. Shackelford as a prominent public voice.

Give the woman an XXXXL Hillary for President t-shirt for her efforts.