The dark forces of enforced diversity have come down hard on the citizens of Charlotte, NC as the National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that it was pulling the 2017 All-Star game from the city over the state’s law to keep transvestites and perverts out of women’s restrooms. The league has caved into the bullies and the choice to inflict a cruel collective punishment on the city and state is unprecedented, it reeks of fascism.

USA Today reports that “NBA moving 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte due to anti-LGBT bill”:

In an unprecedented and monumental decision, the NBA will move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, N.C. to another state because of North Carolina’s controversial anti-LGBT law called House Bill 2.

“While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2,” the league said in a statement Thursday.

It is an issue NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league have wrestled with since North Carolina lawmakers passed House Bill 2. The law, which was passed during a special session in March, bans local municipalities from enacting non-discriminatory ordinances designed to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The league said Charlotte will play host to the 2019 All-Star Game “provided there is an appropriate resolution to this matter.”

The NBA’s decision to relocate – a new site for 2017 has not been determined – was met with support from individuals, businesses and advocacy groups and disappointment in state leaders.

Because of the political and social divide over the issue, not everyone backed the NBA’s decision, including Gov. Pat McCrory who blamed “the sports and entertainment elite, Attorney General Roy Cooper and the liberal media.”

“American families should be on notice that the selective corporate elite are imposing their political will on communities in which they do business, thus bypassing the democratic and legal process,” he said in a statement.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has refused to go quietly and unleashed a torrent of damnation at the NBA over the decision. USA Today also reports that “North Carolina governor Pat McCrory fires back at NBA decision over All-Star Game”:

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, who signed the discriminatory House Bill 2, continues to stand by the controversial law that reversed a Charlotte ordinance extending rights to members of the LGBT community.

The NBA’s decision to relocate the All-Star Weekend on Thursday — which will cost the state an estimated $100 million — left McCrory fuming.

“The sports and entertainment elite, Attorney General Roy Cooper and the liberal media have for months misrepresented our laws and maligned the people of North Carolina simply because most people believe boys and girls should be able to use school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers without the opposite sex present,” McCrory said in a statement.

The Sporting News (which is following the example of ESPN by morphing into a platform for liberal hogwash) is less kind in the bashing of Governor McCrory’s refusal to lick the boots of the P.C. Gestapo in the strident screed “Pat McCrory is a bigot, and that’s no ‘P.C. BS’”:

The governor of North Carolina is so far in the tank for a bill that discriminates against his LGBTQ constituents and has cost his state hundreds of millions of dollars that it’s almost jealousy-inducing. We should all be so lucky to have something we love as much as Pat McCrory loves putting transgender people in danger.

The NBA on Thursday brought out the hook for the 2017 All-Star Game, which was to be held in Charlotte, over House Bill 2, which bans N.C. municipalities from passing laws designed to protect LGBTQ people. The justification, pathetic as it is, has always been “because most people believe boys and girls should be able to use school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers without the opposite sex present,” McCrory said in a released statement.

That means that in Charlotte, which spurred the bill for having the gall to attempt to secure equal rights for its citizens, and in the rest of the state, transgender people can’t use the restroom of their choice. If a person is born male, but does not identify male, they are still forced to use the men’s room, thus opening themselves up to have their asses kicked (or worse) by, say, a frightened, hateful redneck standing at a urinal.

That’s the danger. It’s not that transgender people are going to use bathrooms as a vehicle for assaulting children, because that doesn’t happen. That’s something cisgendered people do, and they’re not going to magically stop because entering the bathroom is illegal.

It’s not that perverted 12-year-olds are going to hang out in the girl’s room taking iPhone photos, because that assumes literally zero common sense on the part of teachers.

The danger is that LGBTQ people are forced every minute, because of Pat McCrory, to risk their physical and emotional health in public places because he doesn’t respect them enough to protect them. He doesn’t respect them at all.

And the thought, for a while, was that McCrory would roll things back once the consequences started to stack. PayPal pulled out of a huge planned facility in Charlotte. Bruce Springsteen canceled a concert in Greensboro. But, it seemed safe to assume that if enough of that happened — with the All-Star Game and the NBA’s attention to the problem as the hanging ax — McCrory’s innate love of money, and maybe for protecting his state from widespread harm, would win out.

It didn’t, and so despite the fact that Charlotte — a city McCrory was mayor of — has now lost the All-Star Game, he continues to double down.

It would seem that what could be described as economic terrorism is the weapon of choice as attempts to reorder society around recognizing the identity status of a minuscule percentage of the population has become one of the most important issues to liberals, Democrats and Emperor Barack Obama. The NBA, like cowardly corporations have been quick to surrender out of the mortal fear that they may lose money and this is yet another terrible precedent and a harbinger of the reign of terror that would sweep the country if – God forbid – Hillary Clinton is elected as POTUS.