In it’s early stages, the Democratic party convention has all the makings of a dumpster fire for the ages. The soon to be former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman was booed off the stage on Monday morning while speaking to Florida delegates. Hillary’s top fixer is persona non grata after that big Wikileaks data dump of DNC emails showing that the party elite worked to undermine Bernie Sanders, confirming the suspicions of many members of the activist base. While Wasserman Schultz was lucky to avoid being pelted with garbage the real earth-shattering news came when the old goat himself was jeered by his own supporters after urging them to back greedy globalist gangster Hillary Clinton.

As reported by ABC News “Left-Wing Supporters Boo as Bernie Sanders Says ‘We Must Elect Hillary Clinton’”:

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders booed and jeered when as the Vermont lawmaker and former presidential contender told them, “We must elect Hillary Clinton.”

Appearing for the first time this week in Philadelphia, where the Democratic National Convention kicked off this afternoon, Sanders tried to control the room and his fans.

“Brothers and sisters, this is the real world that we live in,” he said. “[Donald] Trump is a bully and a demagogue. Trump, Trump has made bigotry and hatred the cornerstone of his campaign.”

But the crowd, in the last sign of the party struggling for any sense of unity, chanted, “We want Bernie!”

Sanders focused most of his remarks on his accomplishments during the primary battle, including how well he performed with young voters and used the event as a call to action, urging his delegates to stay involved and work to elect progressive candidates moving forward.

The man who inspired so many has turned out to be the Judas goat that cynics – especially this author – had pegged him as all along. Sanders roused the rabble a bit too well though because it appears that now he is unable to control them and are going to have their revolution Bernie or no Bernie.

The DNC was forced to apologize for dirty-dicking the miserable old crank and he holds no grudge – especially since his nemesis Wasserman Schultz has been vanquished – but he is going to have a hard time in getting the toothpaste back into the tube as far as his followers go. In a hilarious effort to muster support for Crooked Hillary and TPP Tim Kaine old Bernie sent out an email message imploring the boisterous Bolsheviks to fall in line and refrain from booing during the convention out of “personal courtesy” to him which sounds a bit like begging. Sanders’ former campaign chair among others is also doing her best to minimize the mayhem.

By all indications this is going to be a total circus and Donald Trump and his supporters are certainly entitled to take their pot shots because the Dems and the media sure as hell took their share last week like this sarcastic tweet from the now disgraced Debbie the carp.

The establishment is frantically trying to circle the wagons in the aftermath of the DNC email fiasco in order to not have the sleaze spill over into Queen Hillary’s coronation ball. Al Gore endorsed Hillary today and Pocahontas will be featured as the keynote speaker. And the FBI is hot on the case going after those sinister Russians who in what has a strong aroma of bullshit was blamed by Team Hillary for the DNC hack. It’s hard to see how anyone with the exception of Mrs. Clinton herself can have any faith in the FBI these days given that under Loretta Lynch that the bureau has become a politically motivated Gestapo. As for the Carp she is going to do just fine after leaving the DNC, Hillary has already brought her onboard for the stretch run.

It’s hard to see how Bernie can assert control over his forces at this point, even if he has sold his soul to the company store and now suffer the indignity of being trampled under the feet of his own revolutionaries.