Socialist dinosaur Bernie Sanders is wailing and thrashing as he slowly gets sucked under by the great tar pit of history. Having pissed away any credibility that he may have had by screwing over millions of chumps and rubes who believed in his Utopian vision by selling them all out to Queen Hillary at the convention, the old goat is trying to remain relevant as the father of a revolution that he himself strangled in it’s cradle. It was always inevitable that the old sheepdog would sell out because he chose to run as a Democrat instead of mounting a third party bid that would have severely damaged the preordained nomination of Mrs. Clinton. But at some point old Bernie seemed to get the idea that he was the second coming of Eugene V. Debs and actually took the fight to Hillary which earned him the condemnation of the party elite and being the good soldier that he always has been, Sanders meekly fell back in line when the time came.

But on the first day of the convention, with true believers sprinkled throughout the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, Bernie closed the deal and as a result will go down in history as a huge sell-out. Ironically, after the delivery of his soul was made to the Clinton crime family, Wikileaks released that trove of emails showing that the DNC – led by Hillary crony Debbie “the carp” Wasserman Schultz – had been diligently working to undermine him all along and STILL Bernie wouldn’t back off of his support of the Clinton restoration. That’s what makes him all the more pathetic now.

The broke-dick old commie’s tweets would be funny if they weren’t so indicative of a desperate man who has pissed away every ounce of credibility that he once had:

Bernie now seems to be the second coming of Mordecai Jones although the original Flim-Flam Man had panache and a surprising set of scruples in the end.

The aging panderer appears to be having difficulty delivering the herd to Hillary’s slaughterhouse and has published an oped piece in the LA Times again calling for his followers to line up and kiss the queen’s ass, the piece is entitled “I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me”:

The conventions are over and the general election has officially begun. In the primaries, I received 1,846 pledged delegates, 46% of the total. Hillary Clinton received 2,205 pledged delegates, 54%. She received 602 superdelegates. I received 48 superdelegates. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and I will vigorously support her.

Donald Trump would be a disaster and an embarrassment for our country if he were elected president. His campaign is not based on anything of substance — improving the economy, our education system, healthcare or the environment. It is based on bigotry. He is attempting to win this election by fomenting hatred against Mexicans and Muslims. He has crudely insulted women. And as a leader of the “birther movement,” he tried to undermine the legitimacy of our first African American president. That is not just my point of view. That’s the perspective of a number of conservative Republicans.

In these difficult times, we need a president who will bring our nation together, not someone who will divide us by race or religion, not someone who lacks an understanding of what our Constitution is about.

On virtually every major issue facing this country and the needs of working families, Clinton’s positions are far superior to Trump’s.

While I am no fan of communism nor it’s watered down version socialism, I had actually come to respect old Bernie for his tenacity – right up until the point when he stabbed all of his followers in the back but there is no respect for a whore and that’s what mangy old Bernie proved himself to be. If they are unable to bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump – who is welcoming stiffed Sanders backers with open arms – then they should either vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party or stay home altogether. While the Sanders backers who I know would never admit to flipping their support to Trump, they sure as hell aren’t going to throw in with Hillary.

Trump himself put it best in this classic tweet:

That Sanders is compelled to publish editorials in major newspapers begging for his supporters to vote for Clinton shows that despite all of the rigged polls, media support and GOP billionaire defectors that the Clinton restoration is STILL dependent on the Bernie backers to put her over the top come November 8th.



Images by Ben Garrison of GRRR Graphics.