The San Francisco 49ers decided to keep their problem in-house by retaining militant cop-hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The Saturday deadline for the final roster cuts came and went with the embattled underachieving political bomb-thrower still on the team. However, making the team was never going to be good enough for whiny liberals and racial grievance mongers who are outraged that their new hero was relegated to the backup job behind the immortal Blaine Gabbert.

Many of the perpetually outraged took to Twitter to rail against “racist” coach Chip Kelly who is in a no-win situation with his controversial millionaire assclown.

But as is so typical with the liberal squealers there is never any context provided with their attempts to turn everything into racism. You see, Mr. Kaepernick actually lost his starting job last year due to his shitty attitude and piss-poor performance on the field.

Last November the Associated Press reported that “49ers make QB change from Kaepernick to Gabbert”:

Three years after Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers on a Super Bowl run, coach Jim Tomsula decided his struggling quarterback needed a break and his dormant offense needed a change.

Tomsula announced Wednesday that Blaine Gabbert will take over the starting role from Kaepernick this week as the Niners look for any kind of spark they can get after failing to score a touchdown three times in the past five games.

“In no way is 2-6 all on Colin Kaepernick,” Tomsula said. “That’s all of us, OK. That’s all of us. Everybody here on the Niners. We all take a big chunk of that. That’s a concerted effort that needs to change. This was just a decision that I wanted Colin to step back and breathe and look at things through a different lens.”

Tomsula did not commit to a long-term change, saying only that Gabbert will start this week against the Falcons. The 49ers have a bye next week and then travel to Seattle on Nov. 22.

Kaepernick never got his starting job back and not one of the ignorant horse’s ass liberals who are now crying racism had a damned word to say about it at the time.

In fact he wasn’t even a lock to make the team at all this year due to performance and injury issues until his controversial choice to not stand for the national anthem as well as his subsequent trashing of the cops made it too risky to cut him. It’s hard to imagine that the Niners didn’t try to trade Kaeptain Un-American but the two quarterback neediest teams – the Cowboys and Vikings – both solved their problems at the position by picking up players without the baggage.

It speaks volumes when Mark Sanchez whose participation in the now legendary “butt fumble” that will be on NFL blooper reels for eternity is preferred to the vastly more talented but mercurial San Francisco thrower. Sanchez was scooped up by Dallas shortly after being cut by the Broncos who ironically were spurned by Kaepernick when he balked at taking a pay cut leading to the Super Bowl champs trading for the former college star whose NFL career has been a dumpster fire.

As for the liberals who are throwing around racist terms like white privilege to trash Kelly’s choice of Gabbert they should take a deep breath, do a bit of research and see that their new standard bearer in the culture wars quite simply sucks.