Just in time for the Sunday morning McNews shows the New York Times has published another big anti-Trump hit piece. The old grey lady is reporting that the billionaire outsider may have been able to legally avoid paying federal taxes for eighteen years. While there is jubilation aplenty today it is all a mirage for an establishment media that has been touting a new silver bullet that would stop Trump at least once a week since last July.

The Hillary shills are selling the story hard, including the Clinton News Network which reports “What Trump tax report could mean for his campaign”:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign Saturday night seized on a New York Times report about Donald Trump’s 1995 tax records, in which the Times showed he declared a $916 million loss that could have allowed him to legally skip paying federal income taxes for years.

The revelations threatened to put the controversy over Trump’s refusal to follow recent precedent and release his tax returns at the center of the presidential campaign less than 40 days before the election, after a week in which the Republican nominee has struggled to bounce back from a debate in which most analysts and scientifically conducted polls scored Clinton as the winner.

His campaign vehemently pushed back on the Clinton campaign’s effort to turn the report into an “October surprise” moment, saying Trump has a “fiduciary responsibility” as a businessman to pay no more tax than legally required. It also charged that the report proved that the Times and the “establishment media” are merely an arm of the Clinton campaign.

Trump hits it dead on in both areas. The witch hunt of the week only serves as additional proof – as if any is needed – of how the entire media is serving as a de facto arm of the Clinton campaign. Additionally, by taking full advantage of federal tax laws to avoid paying taxes would just mean that Mr. Trump is being a savvy and shrewd businessman. Who in the hell wants to pay a penny more than required to fund a gargantuan, bloated, corrupt monstrosity like the federal government?

The entitled and clueless Clinton crime family and their minions are really showing how out of touch that they are on this one. That’s what happens when you live above the law as oily influence peddlers who haven’t worked an honest day in decades – if ever. As always with the Clintons there is more than a whiff of hypocrisy because it’s likely that the fat cats who are throwing money at her by the fistful don’t get their own use of the rules to minimize their own tax payments scrutinized.

The Times tax “bombshell” is Fool’s Gold just like the tens of dozens of other manufactured scandals that have failed to erode Trump’s support.

And in an interesting but wholly predictable side note, Alicia “Miss Piggy” Machado already seems to have been banished to that same island of misfit Hillary surrogates end up on after being exposed as frauds.