The patriotic rallying cry of “Wolverines!” was a key plot element in the classic action flick “Red Dawn” but has now come to represent something much darker in late stage Obamastan. While the 1984 John Milius tale exemplified the finest qualities of the American spirit when high school students fought a guerrilla war against Soviet invaders, what went down in Ann Arbor yesterday was quite the opposite and only serves as an inspiration to the burgeoning army of angry malcontents.

As the screw America, cop-hating message of media-assisted militant messiah Colin Kaepernick sweeps the land, the national anthem protests are morphing into a more radical form. A number of University of Michigan football players thrust their gloved, clenched fists into the air while the Star Spangled Banner was played prior to the game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

According to a story from the Detroit Free Press:

As the national anthem played over the loudspeaker at Michigan Stadium on Saturday, fists were raised in the air once again.

It marked the second time members of the U-M football team made a visible statement about racial injustice this season, after first taking action last weekend against Penn State.

Ten players — including Jourdan Lewis and De’Veon Smith — raised their hands during the anthem, while Wisconsin remained in the locker room. It’s unclear why the Badgers elected to remain inside, though they did the same thing last week against Michigan State.

Prior to taking the stage at the Nissan Heisman House earlier that day, former Wolverine linebacker — and 1997 national champion — Dhani Jones commented on the protest culture in athletics that has become a controversial topic.

“A lot of things have changed over the last — we’ll just say 15 years — since I left the National Football League,” Jones said. “I think the one thing that has changed the most is media. And media has become everything. Whether you’re looking at social, digital, traditional — all of it — and I think the scrutiny is that much higher, and the scrutiny is everywhere.

“In the world (15 years ago), we weren’t exposed, neither were we aware, neither did we see so much of the atrocities that are happening. Certain people see that and they feel compelled to do something about that, and they do. And that’s everybody’s choice.”

Whether it is related to the militants in maize and blue who acted out during the national anthem is anyone’s guess but there were dozens of incidents at the game.

According too Michigan news site M Live “10 arrested, 64 ejected from Michigan Stadium as Wolverines play Badgers”:

Ten people were arrested and 64 people were ejected from Michigan Stadium Saturday, Oct. 1.

The University of Michigan Division of Safety and Security reported they arrested five people for larceny, three for disorderly conduct, one for assault and one for minor in possession of alcohol.

Police issued two citations for alcohol in the stadium and one for illegal sales.

Of the 64 ejections, 51 were for ID violations, five were for disorderly conduct, seven were for alcohol in the stadium and one was for an ordinance violation.

Who knows exactly where this is all going but it’s not much of a reach to see a violent insurgency rise up if Donald Trump were to win the presidency. Thanks to the establishment media having spent well over a year demonizing Trump as the second coming of Hitler and the Democrats’ exploitation of racial resentment in order to win an election the conditions are ripe for mayhem and blood in the streets.

The Wolverines eked out a 14-7 win on Saturday but it’s hard to see it as anything but a loss for America as a whole.