After a week of pissing and moaning that Donald Trump threatened to throw Hillary into jail if elected, Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation of the Republican nominee. The blue jackass party is badly rattled by the Wikileaks release of hacked Dem emails that show how the sausage is really made and the corruption that permeates the party and are now engaging in conspiracy mongering that Trump and the Russians are colluding to deprive Hillary of the White House.

Now with three weeks until the election and the media having once again failed to put away Trump with a full scale nuclear attack of dubious sexual allegations, Dems are calling in the Feds. It’s a sad era of institutional rot in American thanks to Obama’s politicization of federal law enforcement agencies, most importantly the FBI which has been marked with an indelible stain over the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s emails and refusal to prosecute.

This is stuff right out of Stalin’s Russia and a terrifying omen as to what political opponents of the Democrats will face if Queen Hillary is selected elected.

Politico reports “Dems request FBI investigation of Trump campaign links to hacks”:

Top Democrats on four House committees today asked the FBI to investigate connections between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the alleged Russian hacks of Democratic organizations and figures, citing new comments from a Trump confidant.

“Troubling new evidence appears to show that the Trump campaign not only was aware of cyber attacks against Secretary [Hillary] Clinton’s campaign chairman, but was openly bragging about it as far back as August,” said Reps. Elijah Cummings from Government Affairs, John Conyers from Judiciary, Eliot Engel from Foreign Affairs and Bennie Thompson from Homeland Security.

“For months, we have been asking the FBI to examine links between the Trump campaign and illegal Russian efforts to affect our election, including interviewing Trump advisor Roger Stone,” they said. “In light of this new evidence — and these exceptional circumstances — we call on the FBI to fully investigate and explain to the American people what steps it is taking to disrupt this ongoing criminal activity.”

For what it’s worth three of the four Democrats seeking to lobby Attorney General Loretta Lynch to launch a political persecution in order to influence the election are black. That being said, the ugly undercurrent of black on white racism runs deep within Obama and Clinton’s party which have set race relations back a half century thanks to their demagoguery and pandering to the worst elements for the sake of securing political power.

The Russian angle is one big smokescreen to conceal what is actually in the leaked documents which isn’t covered by the pantie sniffers in the mainstream media. According to this week’s yuuuge data dump on Hillary’s slimy campaign chairman John Podesta it’s pretty safe to say that the Democrats are a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party.

An FBI investigation is indeed needed but not into the Trump campaign, the RICO laws need to be enforced with the entire Democratic party as the target.