In the war on Donald Trump the Washington Post has from day one served as the central propaganda transmission center. No newspaper has produced as many anti-Trump screeds and hit pieces than Pravda on the Potomac nor boasts a stable of vitriol spewing hacks with a burning hatred for Trump as their Editorial Board.

Perhaps the worst of the bunch is Jennifer Rubin, the prolific poison pen presstitute whose byline sits atop the “Right Turn” column and despite a gushy schoolgirl crush on Marco Rubio, has fallen in line with other “conservatives” who are supporting Hillary Clinton. Rubin may be able to churn out dishonest agitprop columns against the Republican in abundance but fails miserably when it comes defend her positions in an actual argument. Such an argument occurred on Monday’s edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor where the host made mincemeat out of a mealy-mouthed and stuttering Rubin.

Rubin was pushing the meme that the conservative media has been too soft on Trump but quickly found that she was out of her league.
This one is absolutely epic:

The George Soros-David Brock slime machine over at Media Matters attempts to put a positive spin on this debacle but there just ain’t no polishing this turd.

With a performance like this one has to wonder whether the clueless boob is actually writing her own columns or if they are served up to her along with the daily talking points.