In a sign that the now daily release of emails on the inner workings of the corrupt Democratic party are damaging Queen Hillary, the corrupt media has been forced to divert coverage from the ongoing Trump smear campaigns.  With Wikileaks continuing what has become a sustained fusillade against the Clinton machine, the paparazzi has to grudgingly cover the revelations or face losing whatever remains of their dwindling credibility after the election.

The Podesta emails are now on day 20 with the drip, drip, drip threatening to become a torrent and hopefully, the best is yet to come. This has caused a serious disruption in the forces seeking to destroy Trump and could spell big trouble for Clinton if she manages to slither into the White House.

According to The Hill “Clinton fails to contain the damage from email leaks”:

Hillary Clinton has failed to effectively contain the damage from the release of thousands of campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal emails, giving new ammunition to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The fallout from the daily releases have raised concerns among Democrats that even if Clinton is elected president, the controversy will follow her into the White House.

The Clinton campaign has refused to confirm the authenticity of the emails and has sought to cast doubt on them at every turn, noting that the exchanges were stolen by Russian hackers and could have been doctored.

They have sought to deflect attention from the contents of the emails by describing the hacks as an unprecedented interference in the U.S. election by foreign adversaries that threatens the nation’s sovereignty.

And they have lashed out at the media for covering what they describe as trivial political minutia rather than the national security implications of the hacked emails.

None of it has been enough to staunch the daily flow of new emails published by Wikileaks, or the media’s interest in the contents of the emails.

Instead, interest appears to be ramping up over the final two weeks before Election Day.

Anyone with an Internet connection can dig into the thousands of pages of emails, which have revealed infighting among Clinton’s top advisers, as well as new details about the millions of dollars flowing into the Clinton’s charitable foundation and personal bank accounts.

The campaign took another hit on Wednesday when a close confidante confirmed the contents of one of the more damaging emails, undermining the suggestion that they may have been doctored.

The email and attached memo, penned by longtime Clinton Foundation fundraiser Doug Band, has led to renewed calls for the charitable foundation to be shuttered if Hillary Clinton takes office in January.

Democratic strategists say that while Republican nominee Donald Trump’s peccadilloes have so far largely distracted from the alleged revelations, Clinton will lose that cover on Nov. 8 if she’s elected president.

Republicans who have failed to rally to Trump’s side are now salivating over the prospect of launching a plethora of probes into Clinton criminality next year and the liberals are crying bloody murder. If she takes the prize next Tuesday – and it remains an IF – then Hillary will already be damaged goods, a possible silver lining to the coming apocalypse if she is impeded in running roughshod over what remains of America.

It was only last week that the entire political establishment and their media were crowing over the Trump’s political doom but as has been the case since last July, the reports of the Donald’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. A week is an eternity in politics and now that all of those stories about Trump and grabbing “pussy” have failed to finish him off, it remains to be seen whether the Clinton machine has anything left in it’s arsenal – hopefully Wikileaks is still sitting on the bunker buster.