In a sign that Hillary knows something we don’t, the Clinton campaign has booked a fireworks display for election night. The planning of a victory party before voters even go to the polls could be seen by some as an indication that the fix is in. Cheating is certainly a well-established tactic of the Democrats and especially the peckerwood mafia aka the Clinton crime family and they will stop at nothing to retake the White House as the headquarters for their pay-for-play schemes.

According to The New York Post “Hillary already planning her giant victory celebration”:

This could blow up in her face!

Hillary Clinton may have lit the fuse for her victory celebration a little too soon — by planning an Election Night explosion of fireworks over the Hudson River, The Post has learned.

Law-enforcement officials and the FDNY have been told to prepare for a barge-launched pyrotechnic display off of Manhattan’s Javits Center, where Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine will join their supporters for the Nov. 8 vote count, sources said.

The aerial detonations would last for two minutes, with the triumphal celebration permitted to start as early as 9:30 p.m. — a mere half-hour after the polls close in New York, sources said.

The big celebration was booked in advance of James Comey’s October Surprise though which considering the amount of fury coming from the Democrats and their establishment GOP allies shows how badly that she was damaged.

Note the fireworks were to be going off at 9:30 pm, well before polls closed out west, a further indication that something is truly rotten in Dem-mark. The closer the contest is the more difficult it becomes to rig the election and Comey likely cost Queen Hillary millions of votes by going rogue.

If America is really lucky then the only pyrotechnics next Tuesday night will be those of the Clinton restoration going up in flames.

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