The rapid post-election degeneration of the left into a zombie apocalypse of anger and denial has truly been something to behold. Not that libs and progs have exactly been rational but Donald Trump’s shocking win of the presidency has induced millions into making a break with reality in the mother of all melt downs.

In their world of mental trauma and emotional woe, Hillary Clinton actually WON the election and they have made it their mission to get their fellow Americans to understand it.

The moonbat fever swamps are bubbling with derangement over a New York Magazine propaganda piece claiming that “experts” are claiming that the vote in three states may have been “tampered” with.

The states just happen to be three in which the arrogant Clinton campaign devoted little time or resources to, choosing instead to pander to blacks in Cleveland and Hispanics in Miami. Angry white working class voters who had repeatedly been screwed by the trade and economic policies backed by Hillary’s donors and rose punched back at the ballot box and KO’d the Clinton restoration.

So now based on a story written by a notorious Democrat hack, the loons are braying for the Obama regime to send federal forces into Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and audit the voting machines so that the cruel indignity inflicted upon Queen Hillary can be rectified.

According to The Hill “Left’s new argument: Hillary didn’t lose”:

Liberals searching for answers to Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election have latched on to a new explanation: Hillary Clinton didn’t really lose.

A growing “audit the vote” movement, which has garnered high-profile backers like “Avengers” director Joss Whedon and actress Debra Messing, argue election tampering or incompetence may have led to Trump being declared the winner.

They are demanding that the Department of Justice and election officials check voting machines and vote totals to make sure the results in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are accurate.

Trump has been declared the winner in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and has a lead in Michigan, where some media groups have declared him the winner.

If the results in all three states were for the Democrat, Clinton, who has a lead in the popular vote of nearly 2 million over Trump, would also have the Electoral College lead.

“Demand an audit. Make the call,” Whedon wrote in a tweet to his 107,000 followers on Tuesday that included a photo of Clinton overlaid with the message: “SHE WON.”

The calls for an audit are growing louder even as President-elect Trump assembles his cabinet and liberals gained additional firepower when Green party candidate Jill Stein announced that she would be backing the efforts for the Obama administration to overturn the election results.

The involvement of Stein is rather peculiar in that she based her entire campaign on pointing out how unacceptable that Hillary would be and now she’s trying to lead efforts to have her installed into the White House after the people have spoken. It bears more than a slight whiff of Bolshevism or more likely she is actually a Clinton crime family asset who was a ringer all along.

It’s a longshot that the louder elements of a political movement that has been gripped by an irrational and reckless fury will be able to pull it off but they do have allies within the media that are also in the bag for Clinton and will surely join the calls for an audit.

The clock is ticking so look for a furious push by the election truthers in the coming days.

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