The great Clintonstein gambit now appears to be a done deal after the Michigan Supreme Court dealt a fatal blow to efforts to recount the vote in three Rust Belt states unexpectedly won by Donald Trump.  In smacking down an appeal to restart the recount after it was shut down earlier this week, the Great Lakes State’s highest court ruled that Dr. Jill had no grounds to demand the recount in the first place.

The ruling should be the kill shot that sends Hillary’s stalking horse to the glue factory.

According to the Detroit Free Press “Michigan Supreme Court denies Jill Stein’s recount effort”:

On the eve of her visit to Detroit, Green Party candidate Jill Stein got some bad news from the Michigan Supreme Court: Your recount effort is denied.

In an order issued Friday evening, the state’s highest court in a 3-2 split rejected Stein’s appeal that sought to continue a recount of the presidential election, concluding she had no standing to seek a recount because she wasn’t an aggrieved candidate.

That’s what the Michigan Court of Appeals concluded in a 3-0 ruling on  Tuesday when it said that the recount should never have started in the first place because Stein never stood a chance to win with her fourth-place finish and 1.07% of the vote. A federal judge upheld that finding a day later.

The Michigan Supreme Court did the same tonight, stating it supports “the Court of Appeals’ conclusion that petitioner failed to adequately allege that she ‘is aggrieved on account of fraud or mistake in the canvass of the votes.'”

Writing for the majority, Republican justices Brian Zahra and David Viviano said Stein “failed to allege that she has been harmed or that her legal rights have been infringed in any way whatsoever.” A third Republican, Justice Stephen Markman, joined in their opinion.

While the ruling doesn’t affect the recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Stein has been dealt a staggering blow as have the hopes that the scam would have allowed for the discovery of “Russian” hacking that could have tipped one or all of the states into Hillary’s column.

But Hillary still has life thanks to a leak (probably from a high-ranking Democrat) that a “secret” CIA report alleging slam dunk evidence of Russian meddling on behalf of Trump. The pro-Hillary Washington Post and New York Times both ran prominent stories on this report in yet another attempt to sow seeds of doubt about Trump’s election win and with only about a week before the Electoral College casts the deciding votes.

This also has the distinct aroma of the Clinton crime family oozing off of it and while it is highly suspect given that no actual evidence is presented could be the trigger for Mrs. Clinton to withdraw her concession and contest the results of the election based on the mysterious secret “evidence” of Putin’s interference to see that Trump won the presidency.

Stay tuned for further developments in this incredible story of a political party and it’s deranged candidate that refuse to accept the results of an election and are prepared to burn the country down to overturn it.

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