With the restoration of the corrupt Clinton family dynasty looming the likely successor to Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton has played the obligatory Nazi card in joining in on the Putin pile on.  Mrss Clinton made her remarks comparing Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler during a private appearance in California, taken along with similar off the cuff statements in non-public settings by SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia (internment camps) and former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (screw half of the country) it is a window into the very deranged mindset of the American elite. The invocation of the long dead fanatical Nazi dictator is a winner whenever it is time for the rogue American war machine to crank up for another illegal intervention into the affairs of another country. It is always a must to ensure that the leader of an enemy country be thoroughly demonized so more meddling in foreign lands can be sold to the star-spangled lemming flock who are slowly being beggared by the money directed at world domination by the government agents of a rapacious, degenerate looter class – this case being the global financial mafia that Clinton serves and will continue to serve as she takes up residence in the White House come January 2017.

The neocons truly cherish the WW II references, especially those invoking Der Führer or the sainted Sir Winston when making their case for the ongoing series of blatant acts of raw aggression and subversion of democratically elected governments that have become as American as apple pie over the last sixty or so years but why not Stalin? It is really not arguable that Russian tyrant Joseph Stalin was responsible for more dead bodies than Hitler ever was but with a deep seated aversion to real history thanks to willful ignorance, the effects of incessant propaganda, the state indoctrination of an America centric glorified revisionist history and the ongoing dumbing down process it would be a tough sell. I would imagine that the majority of Americans have absolutely no idea who Stalin was but thanks to the neocons and their media lie factories everyone understands Hitler – actually some dumbass had a letter published in yesterdays edition of my local paper entitled “Adolph Putin”.  Still it is a cheap political gimmick to constantly play the Nazi card and far more than a bit hypocritical considering that the U.S. backed putsch in Ukraine has relied on neo-Nazi militias to back the hostile takeover in Kiev.

Conveniently absent from any of the American establishment media’s ongoing shock and awe carpet bombing of raw propaganda demonizing Putin and lying about the nature of what happened in Ukraine has been any mention at all of the fascists, extreme right-wing nationalists and neo-Nazis that were essential to the ouster of the elected president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych . That is until Wednesday when the truth that was managing to seep out thanks largely to the internet and alternative media and the Ukranian neo-Nazis were finally acknowledged – in a smear piece by none other than Fox News where it was dismissed as Putin propaganda. It is highly likely that given the revelations on NSA mass surveillance provided by former government contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden that those who converse in such things are being monitored along with supporters of the BDS Movement which the ever more out of touch Israeli despot Bibi Netanyahyu invoked 18 times in his stemwinder at Tuesday’s AIPAC ‘do you have sufficient loyalty to Israel’ litmus test soiree.  The pickup list for when the shit hits the fan will continue to grow as more and more people begin to wise up to the big con that has been played on them by criminals in high places.

Clinton’s belated entry into the game comes at a crucial time and is likely a harbinger of her official announcement of the bid for the 2016 Democratic party nomination. She will then roll largely unopposed to the highest office in the land as the Republican party has continued to self-immolate by pandering to the ideological domestic counterparts of Ukraine’s Svoboda and Right Sector who with their relentless defense of taking over the powers of the state to enforce a bigoted and insane religious doctrine upon America have rendered them incapable of winning a national election. She is after all the chosen one by the global elite financial syndicate that controls both U.S. political parties but has particularly become entrenched with the Democrats. In an interesting excerpt from Rolling Stone magazine, in a Matt Taibbi piece on the ongoing commodities racketeering by Goldman Sachs and others an old Clinton friend resurfaces.

From “The Vampire Squid Strikes Again”:

The sudden turning on of this huge faucet of free money seems to have been a factor in an ensuing commodities shopping spree undertaken by all three firms. Morgan Stanley, for instance, claimed to have just $2.5 billion in commodity assets in March 2009. By September 2011, those holdings had nearly quadrupled, to $10.3 billion.

Goldman and Chase – along with Glencore and Trafigura, a pair of giant Swiss-based conglomerates that were offshoots of a firm founded by notorious deceased commodities trader and known market manipulator Marc Rich – all made notably coincidental purchases of metals-warehousing companies in 2010.

The presence of these Marc Rich entities is particularly noteworthy. According to famed Forbes reporter Paul Klebnikov, who was assassinated in 2004 after years of reports on Russian corruption, Rich made a fortune in the early Nineties striking crooked deals with the Soviet bosses who controlled the U.S.S.R.’s supplies of raw materials – in particular commodities like zinc and aluminum. These deals helped create a fledgling class of profiteers among the bosses of the crumbling Soviet empire, a class that would go on years later to help push Russia out of its communist past into its kleptocratic present.

“He’d strike a deal with the local party boss, or the director of a state-owned company,” Klebnikov said back in 2001. “He’d say, ‘OK, you will sell me the [commodity] at five to 10 percent of the world-market price . . . and in return, I will deposit some of the profit I make by reselling it 10 times higher on the world market, and put the kickback in a Swiss bank account.’”

Rich made these reported deals while in exile from the United States, which he fled in 1983 after the U.S. government charged him with tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering and trading with the enemy after being caught trading with rogue states like Iran, among other things. The state filed enough counts to put him away for life, and he remained a fugitive until January 2001, when a little-known Clinton administration Justice Department official named Eric Holder recommended Rich be pardoned. A report by the House Committee on Government Reform later concluded that Holder had not provided a credible explanation for supporting Rich’s pardon and that he must have had “other motivations” that he didn’t share with Congress. Among other things, the committee speculated that Holder had designs on the attorney general’s office in a potential Al Gore administration.

In any case, in 2010, a decade after the Rich pardon, Holder was attorney general, but under Barack Obama, and two Rich-created firms, along with two banks that have been major donors to the Democratic Party, all made moves to buy up metals warehouses. In near simultaneous fashion, Goldman, Chase, Glencore and Trafigura bought companies that control warehouses all over the world for the LME, or London Metals Exchange. The LME is a privately owned exchange for world metals trading. It’s the world’s primary hub for determining metals prices and also for trading metals-based futures, options, swaps and other instruments.

Clinton family intimate Marc Rich? With that being Taibbi’s last piece for Rolling Stone as he is moving on to First Look Media to work along with real journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, Marcy Wheeler and others who will push the envelope in challenging the rogue American government I can hardly wait for the followup. Mr. Rich along with others looted the former Soviet Union after the collapse and the actions ongoing in Ukraine with the full support of the U.S. government to apply the economic austerity shock doctrine so that the pigs can feast must have his ghost beaming with approval.