The culture wars erupted anew in Houston this week where a controversial “equal rights” law went down to defeat at the hands of voters. HERO, an acronym for Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was defeated by a 61-39 percent tally at the polls sending grievance mongers into fits of outrage, weeping and gnashing of teeth. The so-called gay rights measure was just a bridge too far as it would have allowed transgender men – ‘chicks’ with dicks – to use the same public restroom facilities as natural born women. The heinous prospect of having one’s daughter, mother, wife or grandmother subjected to the inevitable abuse of the law by perverts, cross-dressers, wienie-waggers and garden variety pederasts was a deal killer and alas HERO is no more. The liberals, political correctness fiends, activists and Democrats looking to use the measure to promote themselves aren’t simply going to accept the results of the ballot box though and are pushing back.

One of their ideas was to go after the Super Bowl which is scheduled to be played in Houston’s NRG Stadium in 2017 – but the NFL smacked that one down like J.J. Watt blasting an opposing quarterback showing that it’s not going to cave to political correctness Nazis. The Washington Post reports that “NFL not considering moving 2017 Super Bowl from Houston in wake of LGBT ordinance defeat”:

The NFL said it will not move the Super Bowl out of Houston in 2017 based on the repeal this week by the city’s voters of a broad anti-discrimination ordinance in what was depicted as a battle over gay and transgender rights.

The league said its Super Bowl plans are unchanged but it will work to make its signature event inclusive.

“This will not affect our plans for Super Bowl LI in 2017,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a written statement. “We will work closely with the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee to make sure all fans feel welcomed at our events. Our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.”

Voters in the nation’s fourth-largest city on Tuesday rejected, by a margin of 61 to 39 percent, a measure prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing, business services and public spaces based on sexual orientation, race, gender identity and other considerations.

Opponents portrayed the ordinance, which had been passed by the city council but was put to a referendum after courtroom maneuvering, as permitting male sexual predators to enter women’s bathrooms.

In comments to ABC News Wednesday, Houston attorney John LaRue pointed to a potential for boycotts in the wake of the voting results, including “rumblings” to pressure the NFL to shift its Super Bowl site.

The NFL does value “diversity” especially when it comes to increasing market share and keeping the money rolling in. Just look at the cynical efforts to pander to women by decking out players in pink shoes and gloves during Breast Cancer Awareness month. But the line has to be drawn somewhere and allowing itself to be bullied by strident gay activists over something that people are aghast at – and probably not only in Texas – like allowing men into women’s restrooms is just bad public relations for the league. While any actual discrimination against gays isn’t right – just like discriminating against ANY group isn’t – HERO was a bullshit law that was foisted off on the locals by an openly lesbian mayor whose bias should disqualify her from having any say so in such matters. Texas voters aren’t the only ones looking to roll back such “diversity” laws, the Daily Beast bemoans that there are 227 more similar efforts across the country. Shifting demographics lead to changing attitudes but it has to be acknowledged that a lot of Americans really do hold sincere religious convictions that they believe prevents them from accepting homosexuality as a normal human characteristic. It doesn’t help to demonize them which only leads to anger and resistance. Even an atheist like me can have some empathy for such people even if I don’t agree with them.

So for the professional whiners looking to shove their public gayness down the throats of all Americans, it is a stinging defeat and halts the momentum of the so-called homosexual agenda for now after a string of high profile victories. They can just go and cry softly into their pillows now that they have had their ugly public snit and didn’t get the Super Bowl moved to San Francisco or Miami where voters would have eagerly welcomed dudes into the ladies room. The NCAA has also refused demands to move the Final Four men’s college basketball tournament out of Houston in 2017.

I fully support equal rights and that includes rights for LGBT people but all of these bullshit culture war crusades that are waged by cynical operators on both sides in order to make political hay serve nobody well. We have a lot more serious problems right now than being held hostage by both conservative and liberal grievance mongers who are inflexible and will never respect each other’s viewpoint.