A fundraiser for Sunday morning television fixture John McCain has been arrested by police after it was discovered that she and her boyfriend were running a meth lab out of their Phoenix area home. Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies made the pinch on 34 year old Emily Pitha and 36 year old Christopher Hustrulid as well as recovered a large stash of foreign, domestic and counterfeit currency and other intoxicants including heroin. While there is no suggestion that the warmongering lunatic actually knew about the activities of the duo it’s probably a safe bet that he wouldn’t care as long as the money kept rolling in.

The New York Daily News is reporting that “Fund-raiser for John McCain and her boyfriend arrested for running meth lab out of their house”:

A Republican fund-raiser and her boyfriend have been arrested after police found a meth lab and stores of other drugs at their Arizona home.

Emily Pitha, 34, and Christopher Hustrulid, 36, were taken into custody Tuesday after authorities searching the Phoenix home discovered methamphetamine, LSD and heroin.

They also found thousands of dollars worth of U.S., European and fake currency, according to AZ Family.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said they were tipped off that the conservative chemists were to receive a package from the Netherlands with 250 grams of pure MDMA, enough for thousands of doses.

Pitha was a longtime staffer for Republican Arizona senator Jon Kyl, and her LinkedIn page says that after his retirement in 2013 she worked for Sen. Jeff Flake

More recently she worked as an independent consultant for LovasCo, and the Arizona Republic reported that she was listed as the RSVP contact for fund-raisers supporting the re-election campaign of her state’s senior senator, John McCain.

A campaign manager for the 2008 Republican nominee, who has a primary in August, said, “We commend the hard work and dedication of our law enforcement officers in their fight to keep our community safe from illegal drugs and associated criminal activity.

When it comes to McCain fans, Pitha and Hustrulid are pikers in terms of loathsomeness. As one of the top purveyors of a self-defeating and failed foreign policy that was blasted by GOP front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday, McCain has palled around with terrorists in Syria and schmoozed with neo-Nazis in Ukraine as he made his rounds of trouble spots as a pimp for arms manufacturers. These two are actually pretty tame in comparison to some of the deranged old bastard’s other supporters who are terrorists, mass murderers, torturers and God only knows what else.

McCain is running for his sixth U.S. Senate term this year and should easily cruise to victory, the strongest argument for term limits that exists.