Despite the full establishment’s backing of Queen Hillary to keep outsider Donald Trump out of the White House and a colossal edge in money, the blue jackass party is in big trouble.

Trump as well as the surprisingly tenacious socialist fossil Bernie Sanders have both managed to appeal to angry voters by addressing economic issues. The last thing that Mrs. Clinton wants the election to be about is about global trade sellouts, Wall Street bailouts, offshoring, porous borders, the Federal Reserve and spiking economic equality. If the election is a referendum on the corrupt system they lose and may as well get used to two words: President Trump.

So it is that Democrats are using a contentious House vote on an LGBT rights bill as a mobilizing factor for down ticket races this fall. Combined with the race baiting of the unscrupulous Clintons, the hope is to play keep away on anything more pressing than the great transvestite restroom invasion that they can use as a club to bludgeon Republicans as hateful bigots with.

As reported by Reuters “Lawmakers vote down LGBT rights measure”:

Shouts of “Shame, shame, shame,” erupted in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday as Republican lawmakers narrowly defeated legislation to protect the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of government contractors.

The measure, an amendment to a veterans and military construction spending bill introduced by New York Democrat Sean Maloney, initially had enough “yes” votes to pass, according to the count in the House chamber.

But House Republican leaders extended the time allowed for the vote as they urged enough party members to change their positions to defeat it by a vote of 213 to 212.

All 183 Democrats who voted backed the amendment, joined by 29 Republicans. All 213 “no” votes were from Republicans. Eight House members – three Republicans and five Democrats – did not vote. Lawmakers are allowed to change their vote in the few minutes between voting and the result being declared.

LGBT rights have been a hot-button issue during the 2016 election season. National politics have featured debate over whether making cakes for same-sex couples violates bakers’ religious freedom or whether the government should decide which public bathrooms are used by transgender people.

Democrats chanted “Shame, shame, shame,” at Republicans. “House Republicans are so committed to discriminating against LGBT Americans, that they broke regular order to force their members to reverse their votes and support Republicans’ bigotry,” Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, said in a statement.

The Hill is also reporting that the party will be exploiting the vote to target conservative Republicans in the article “Dems vow retribution on House LGBT vote”:

Democrats are vowing to target House Republicans in tough reelection races who allegedly switched their votes to ensure a measure to prevent discrimination against the LGBT community wouldn’t pass.

Four of the seven Republicans accused of changing their votes after arm-twisting from GOP leaders are considered particularly vulnerable in the general election this fall.

A list circulated by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s (D-Md.) office pointed to Reps. Jeff Denham (Calif.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), David Valadao (Calif.), Mimi Walters (Calif.), Greg Walden (Ore.), Bruce Poliquin (Maine) and David Young (Iowa) as the Republicans who switched sides.

According to a Democratic leadership aide, they were able to identify which Republicans changed votes using a computer on the floor that prints updates of vote results as they occur. Democrats were able to compare the printouts to see who switched positions.

Democrats watching the vote tally move from passage to failure jumped to their feet and began shouting at the GOP side of the chamber, chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

The greater shame, shame, shame is the fact that these leeches on the backs of the taxpayers are going to continue to force diversity upon Americans using the power of the federal government as a punitive tool. What is always missing from the corrupt media as well as the political debate in terms of context is that:

1) The imposition of the forced acceptance of homosexuality does infringe upon the deeply held religious beliefs of millions.

2) Transgenders comprise a minuscule percentage of the population and it is obscene to force the vast majority of people to bow to their deviance.

3) The country is going to hell in a bucket and our elected “leaders” in the House should be working at getting their asses to work on fixing things instead of spending the entirety of their two year terms scheming on how to stay elected.

There is also great danger for Republicans who get sucked into this culture war briar patch to mix it up with the LGBT tar baby. It will play right into the hands of the Democrats.

The failure to engage the Democrats on the actual issues – globalist sellout trade deals, endless foreign interventions, health insurance scams and enforced diversity among others – is a squandered chance to expand the Republican party in a manner unheard of since the Gipper himself lured the “Reagan Democrats” into the big tent. Most of all there is the dismal moral character of their soulless succubus of a candidate who Trump will mop the floor with if the debate is focused on fixing what’s gone so wrong in America – and it isn’t the cynical manipulation of who can pee in a toilet previously reserved for the opposite sex.

As the old saying goes “fools rush in”, it’s right up there with “elections have consequences” and that has never been the case more than it is this year. Ultimately the courts will determine whether Obama’s mandate for schools to have transgender restrooms is constitutional or not so conservatives can go ahead and roll the dice that Mrs. Clinton’s all but certain three first term picks for the Supreme Court will rule in their favor.