Former Clinton administration ghoul and political operative turned pundit James Carville has hinted that Donald Trump may be deprived of the Republican nomination at the upcoming convention. The presumptive GOP nominee has been under siege by the media and fellow Republicans over his comments on the biases of the Trump University lawsuit judge and has been battered relentlessly with many big name Republicans throwing him under the bus. Now with Queen Hillary’s coronation assured, the establishment doesn’t want to risk the possibility of a Trump win in November because if he survives the Gonzalo Curiel onslaught that may be exactly what happens. Carville’s musing could make the more cynical among us believe that just maybe the Republican elite have been lying about supporting Trump and biding their time until July while quietly laying the groundwork to rid themselves of the Donald once and for all.

Breitbart News is reporting “Carville: Trump May Not Be Republican Nominee”:

Tuesday night on MSNBC’s primary voting coverage, long-time Clinton adviser and Democratic operative James Carville said there is a possibility the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will not be the final nominee after the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland, OH.

Carville said, “I honestly believe this, I think there’s some chance that Trump will not be the nominee. I think what we see and hear is a real unraveling. For today the news that came in that people are not endorsing him and pulling back and everything else. I think this thing is going at a lot faster speed than we can imagine. The pressure on him will be enormous.”

When asked how it would be possible for Republicans to remove Trump, he continued, “I don’t know. I suspect they would have to nominate Cruz or somebody very conservative, because you would have to look at the delegates that are going to be in Cleveland. They can’t un-delegate. They can pass any rule. They have the power to pass rules.”

Such a move could be near suicidal for the party and would most certainly result in President Hillary Rodham-Clinton being sworn in come January. That however could be an acceptable amount of damage for the corrupt GOPe leadership who could get to keep their positions of influence and there have likely been feelers put out to the Clinton campaign or vice versa in order to cut a deal. The establishment has zero qualms about alienating millions of American voters – look at how Bernie just got shanked – as long as the rackets remain operational and the D.C. cash spigots keep flowing. Hillary will keep the trains running on time just as they always do.