When it comes to the GOP establishment they all have each other’s backs. Despite the possibility that their snubbing of their own presumptive nominee will put Hillary Clinton into the White House they can always be counted on to unify to save their own power. Such is the case with former president George W. Bush who despite the rejection of his allegedly smarter younger brother Jeb! by the voters has found a reason to insert himself into the political process – defending worthless, lifelong leeches on the backs of the American taxpayer like Arizona senator John McCain, an octogenarian who is running for his sixth freaking term in the Senate and will likely only leave the Senate when they haul his cold, dead carcass out of the building.

The New York Times reports “An Unlikely Savior Emerges to Help Endangered Republicans: George W. Bush”:

After eight years of largely abstaining from politics, former President George W. Bush is throwing himself into an effort to save his party’s most vulnerable senators, including several whose re-election campaigns have been made more difficult by Donald J. Trump’s presence at the top of the ticket.

In the weeks since Mr. Trump emerged as the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Mr. Bush has headlined fund-raisers for two Republican senators and has made plans to help three more. Among them are Senators John McCain of Arizona, who was one of Mr. Trump’s earliest targets of derision, and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, who has struggled to respond to Mr. Trump’s inflammatory talk.

Friends say that the former president is deeply bothered by Mr. Trump’s campaign message, especially his derogatory remarks about Muslims and immigrants. At the event with Mr. McCain, Mr. Bush stressed the importance of preserving the Republican-held Senate as a “check and balance” on the White House, suggesting that such a check was needed, whether the next president is Mr. Trump or Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Mr. Bush announced through a spokesman last month that he would not support Mr. Trump’s candidacy and would not attend the Republican convention in Cleveland next month. His father, former President George Bush, and his brother Jeb Bush, who was defeated and ridiculed by Mr. Trump in the primary campaign, are also staying away.

It has been a painful year for the Bushes, as Mr. Trump has not only upended the party that they dominated for decades but has done so by publicly repudiating the 43rd president’s legacy. Mr. Trump denounced the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a foreign policy disaster, blamed Mr. Bush for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and painted his presidency as a failure. Yet Mr. Trump suffered little backlash from voters in the Republican primaries as a result.

Granted that Mr. Bush would prefer campaigning on behalf of John Ellis Bush instead of the cadaver McCain and the whiner Ayotte but Americans have had enough of dynastic politics. Trump has risen largely due to the increasing awareness in the electorate that the system is rigged and rotten largely due to career politicians who act as de facto lobbyists and whose true constituents are special interest groups waving fistfuls of dollars.

If somehow Trump manages to survive the coordinated onslaught and efforts to rig the convention to cheat him out of the nomination it would be a damned good thing for his America First message to use the bully pulpit to push for term limiting the bastards.