San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to draw fire over his political statement by refusing to stand for the national anthem before last Friday’s preseason contest. The media seized on the falling star’s thumbing of his nose at America in such a spiteful public manner and the organization now ponders what to do with the anarchist in the locker room. It’s not like he was exactly a beloved figure before the incident either with stories of friction with teammates making the rounds before he lost his job to the immortal Blaine Gabbert last fall.

While the Black Lives Matter bums and liberal fanatics have become Kaepernick’s biggest fans after his stunt, he has drawn the ire of many including his former head coach Jim Harbaugh and even the Obama White House is lukewarm over this latest bit of racial grievance grandstanding. Republican nominee Donald Trump has suggested that the already washed-up multi-millionaire find a country that works better for him and with the regular season looming, his team has to decide when to cut their losses on a guy who has become a national embarrassment.

With the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings already having suffered the devastating losses of their starting quarterbacks, the Niners are probably working the phones looking for a trade partner but considering how NFL execs really feel about him the chance is probably slightly less than that of the 49ers winning the Super Bowl this season.

According to the Sporting News “’F— that guy’: NFL execs really hate Colin Kaepernick, report says”:

Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem in protest has exposed a divide in public opinion, among other effects.

That divide has been amplified via the Kaepernick conversation, which has transcended beyond sports and into national political discourse. So you better believe it’s all over NFL front offices, too.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman took the temperature this week of league executives in the context of Kaepernick and his protest. He found out those officials, for the most part, hate Kaepernick and his stance — literally hate.

“I don’t want him anywhere near my team,” one executive told Freeman. “He’s a traitor.”

Said another exec: “He has no respect for our country. F— that guy.”

And from a general manager: “In my career, I have never seen a guy so hated by front office guys as Kaepernick.”

Freeman interviewed seven executives and said each estimates “90 to 95 percent of NFL front offices felt the same way they did,” and one even compared the “collective dislike” to that of Rae Carruth, a former player who remains jailed on charges in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.

Liberal meatheads have rushed to Kaepernick’s defense even if the majority of them couldn’t tell you if a football was pumped or stuffed and once he is formally dumped they will look to turn him into a martyr for the cause of political correctness.

However, there is a very important point to be made. While this is America and Kaepernick is totally free to stand or remain parked on his privileged ass for the national anthem, he committed his moronic act of disrespect to the flag while he was on the job.

That’s right liberals – your newest hero was in uniform, on the clock and in the workplace and the negative publicity that he has brought upon the 49ers and the league have already resulted in much ill will and will ultimately result in the loss of money through boycotts and dealing with protests. So riddle me this Batman, how many corporations or other businesses would tolerate an employee – in the performance of his/her job – to taint the organization with a futile act of stupidity and then double-down on it after the game? If you guessed none then you are the winner of a lucky # 7 red jersey – get it quickly  because they are being burned with increasing rapidity and there will be no more manufactured.

The final round of cuts are coming next week and it will be a wonder if Mr. Fuck America isn’t sent packing before then, especially with the spectacle of a road game against the San Diego Chargers tomorrow night where it’s hard to imagine him getting a welcome reception in one of the biggest military towns in the country. The 49ers may just want to cut their losses pronto.